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[resale] Super Mario home & party room slippers (pakkunfurawa/drainpipe)

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Characteristic of product

It is slippers of "pakkunfurawa".

The stands of drainpipe are bundled and they put up slippers and can receive.

・Product size: [slippers] about H80mm X W140mm X D290mm
・Product size: [the stands] about H260mm X W210mm X D210mm
・Adaptation size: 23cm - 26cm
・Weight: 401 g
・Materials: Polyester, EVA
・Target age: 6 years or older

(C)2018 Nintendo

The specifications details

Brand name [resale] Super Mario home & party room slippers (pakkunfurawa/drainpipe)
Model number S Mario _R slippers _P flower
Maker Nintendo sale
Product cord 5974795
Maker hope retail price 4,180 yen (tax-included)

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