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GODZILLA monster planet standard edition [Blu-ray]

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Is it person or Godzilla to fall?

Movie "Godzilla" which was born in 1954 has been loved as huge cultural icon by people of the world.
"shin Godzilla" (general manager Hideaki Anno) is released in 2016. Description in pursuit of thorough reality gets heart of the audience, box office 82. Record 500 million yen; made a big hit.
And, in 2017, "Godzilla" serves as new "evolution" that nobody expected. It is animation movie "GODZILLA".

The severe, hard future world where it makes a clear distinction from any conventional "Godzilla" that this product draws.
For 20,000 years, it is story of fate of the human confronting "Godzilla" which continued dominating the earth in it.
Static field hole statement that deals with "love poem (love letter) that is deep red from name detective Conan" for theater for supervision, and recorded box office greatest in the series each generation is participation.
Another supervisor making combination is Hiroyuki Seshimo. "Knight ninth planet war of shidonia" that is supervision product as for the abilities cultivated in the front line of CG domain "BLAME!" It may be said that it is proven in this.
kyofuchigen (nitro plus) where story original bill, script is known for "magic girl window or ☆ magika" or "PSYCHO-PASS psychopath." Idea and minute constitution power excellent at breakthrough power not to let point read arrest heart of many fans.
Takayuki Hattori who heaped up the NHK TV saga "Sanada-maru" of broadcast in impressive drama attendants is in charge of music during drama last year.
Theme song is decision by the eighth "TOHO Cinderella" audition in supersized new face XAI where we win the first "artist Prize", and this movie theme song determined major debut.
BOOM BOOM SATELLITES Masayuki Nakano that it offers musical piece to "dark knight" (2008 / Christopher no runs supervision) to deal with XAI as oneself first woman solo singer produce and boasts of global popularity to.

And production including "knight of shidonia" "Star Wars is known for clone wars" as Academy Award of United States television
3DCG studio, Polygon Pictures of the domestic highest peak that wins the Emmy Awards highest award (the Daytime Emmy Awards animation program special section highest award) five times in total, and has the many results.

- - - that roar to tell opening of new "Godzilla" which anyone has not seen echoes now.

Summer last in the 20th century.
- - - that the human knew on that day when ruler of planet called the earth was not only oneself.

Ultimate existence "Godzilla" which expels appearance of huge creature "monster" and the monster.
After war with monster for half a century, the human repeats flights and plans earth escape at last.
Only human being who also received selecting with artificial intelligence under central government management in 2048 is 11 in immigrant ship, Arato lamb between fixed star. We left toward "Cetus tau star e" in distance of 9 light-year.
However, environmental condition differences and earth of tau star e that we arrived at for 20 years exceeded far predictor, and the human was not able to call with viable environment.

One young man, Haruo who gets on immigrant ship.
Parents were killed in Godzilla at the age of 4 years old in front and, during 20 years, were continuing thinking only about coming back to the earth, and defeating Godzilla.
Possibility of emigrant is shut, and "earth return group" led by Haruo becomes mainstream in ship which became inferior, and we decide the dangerous long-distance sub-space navigation, and survival environment aims at the earth, too.

But, in the earth which returned, time of 20,000 years already passed, and ground became the unknown world caused by ecosystem that assumed Godzilla top.

Can the human really regain the earth?
And fate of Haruo - - -.

[specifications, enclosure privilege]
■ Specially made sleeve Case
■ Specially made booklet

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■ Preview (the first, the second)
■ Flash (the first, the second, the third)
■ TVCM (action, character edition)
■ Character PV (Godzilla ground)

[sound privilege]
■ sutaffuodiokomentari
Appearance: Static field hole sentence (supervision) / Hiroyuki Seshimo (supervision) / kyofuchigen (story original bill, script)

(c)2018 TOHO CO. , LTD.

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Brand name GODZILLA monster planet standard edition [Blu-ray]
Model number gojirakaijuwakuseisutaburu
Maker TOHO
Product cord 4486914
Maker hope retail price 6,800 yen (Tax-free)
Maker sale date May 16, 2018

The specifications details

Series name / nickname Godzilla
Model number TBR-28169D
The media Blu-ray

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