LC-70X500 LCD television AQUOS (lye male) [70V type /8K correspondence]

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We see campaign in detail

With this TV of new 4K8K satellite broadcasting of after December, 2018 broadcast launch plan to watch
8K-adaptive antenna is necessary separately 4K tuner and 2K, 4K.
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Characteristic of product

◆This product becomes large product and cannot accept return of goods with import impossibility.

"8K-adaptive LCD television" which was equipped with high-definition high-resolution liquid crystal panel of 8K resolution

■"8K-adaptive LCD television" which was equipped with 8K high minute liquid crystal panel
In 16 times of full high-definition (1,920*1,080 pixel), approximately 33 million pixels (7,680*4,320 pixel) of high definition, we realize picture expression that is smooth, and is more real.

■Current digital broadcasting and 4K picture are up-converted by 8K resolution
4K contents and digital terrestrial television broadcasting, each picture including movie of BD software are up-converted by 8K resolution.

■HDR standard correspondence, LED backlight area drive system and the original signal conditioning technology "mega contrast" deployment
We analyze brightness part to receive light source and light source, and to reflect from video signal and perform picture revision to restore brightness at the same time to raise brightness of LED backlight in the area than the neighborhood.

■"Rich color technology pro" adoption
It is equipped with wide color gamut technique more than color gamuts (ITU-R BT.709) used in digital terrestrial television broadcasting. We extend color reproduction range by LED backlight and color reconstruction circuit and realize natural, rich color development.

※It is equipped with liquid crystal panel of number of the pixels 7680 X 4320 that are available for indication of 8K-adaptive =8K picture, and input of 8K picture is equipped with possible HDMI input terminal.
It is not equipped with function to receive 4K, 8K broadcast by BS, 110 degrees CS to this plane simple substance.

※We are going to become able to watch 8K broadcast by connecting to "8K broadcast correspondence receiver (separate sale) **" of release plan to 8K practical use broadcast * due to begin December, 2018.
* September, 2014 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announcement. With practical use broadcast, environment that we can receive in general broadcast at home is maintained and is broadcasted business. Or it is broadcasted in broadcasting station / development test station not broadcast tested station in basic broadcast.
** We are not announced about product information for year-end release plan in 2018. In addition, change, construction to antenna boosters for 8K is necessary to watch 8K broadcast.

The specifications details

Brand name LC-70X500 LCD television AQUOS (lye male) [70V type /8K correspondence]
Model number LC70X500
Maker Sharp SHARPTo maker site
JAN code 4974019943022
Product cord 3811174
Maker hope retail price Open price
Maker sale date December 01, 2017

The specifications details

System unit size (width X height X depth) mm 1564 X 910 X 92
System unit size (width X height X depth) mm which includes the stands 1564 X 967 X 375
System unit weight (kg) Approximately 42.5
Weight (kg) which includes the stands Approximately 45.0
Screen size 70V type
Input terminal HDMI X 4, AV, PC (mini-D-sub 15pin), 8K picture
Output terminal Digital audio (light), analog sound, Headphone
Other terminals USB X 2 (for USB Memory for USB Hard Disk)
LAN Cable broadcasting
Terrestrial digital tuner 3
BS, CS digital tuner 3
Power consumption 470W
0.15W (wait)
Energy saving performance (★~★★★★★) ★★☆☆☆
Achievement of energy saving standard rate 129%
Annual electricity bill indication Approximately 7,240 yen
Annual power consumption 268kWh/ year
Accessories Remote control, dry cell X 2 for remote control, B-CAS card, AV terminal conversion cable, fall prevention kit
Specifications 1 Wi-Fi incorporation: Non-compliant
Net video correspondence: Non-compliant
Energy saving specifications Energy saving performance (★~★★★★★):★★☆☆☆
Achievement of energy saving standard rate: 129%
Annual electricity bill indication: Approximately 7,240 yen
Annual power consumption: 268kWh/ year

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