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It is Rice Cookers "bamikyuraraisupotto" (set) RP23A-SV << we sell only store >>

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Characteristic of product

Rice Cookers which what we aimed at is the number one in the world, and draws rice original taste

Pot heater which enabled ideal heat with one finger-tip met casting enamel pan of that bamikyura, and the best Rice Cookers was born.

Two technology to draw taste of the rice body

Lap up heat technology to heat up like triple thermostat technology and furnace controlling way of travelling of heat three-dimensionally.

Reason why rice pot does not have thermal insulation function

It is to cook ultimate delicious rice. It was necessary to lose cover for thermal insulation in general Rice Cookers for ideal cooking rice.

It is a waste only by this heat, cooking rice

Rice pot that pan which drew material original taste and ideal heat source became one. As well as cooking rice, there is all cooking to be able to enjoy with pan of bamikyura by heat that is ideal for anyone.

Operation is simple; care easily

Polished rice, brown rice, scorched part, rice porridge is freedom. Temperature and management of time entrust you. Because maintenance is easy, it is always hygienic.

The specifications details

Brand name It is Rice Cookers "bamikyuraraisupotto" (set) RP23A-SV << we sell only store >>
Model number RP23ASV
Maker bamikyura (Vermicular)To maker site
JAN code 4589923561165
Product cord 3552429
Maker sale date December 01, 2016

The specifications details

Specifications [bamikyuraraisupotto (set) / RP23A-SV]
■Dimensions [mm]: W approximately 259 (cooking device part) /W approximately 311 (pan, Toride side) X D approximately 296* H approximately 208
■Weight: Approximately 6.9 kg

[pot (casting enamel pan) / PT23A-BK]
■Capacity that is filled with water: 3.7L
■Dimensions [mm]: W approximately 311* D approximately 243* H approximately 127
■Weight: Approximately 4.0 kg
■Materials: Casting enamel
 ・Measuring cup (materials for measuring cup / water for rice: Try tongue, heat-resistant 105 degrees Celsius)
 ・riddosutando (materials: Cast iron enamel)
 ・bamikyuraraisupottoreshipibukku (B5 transformation, hard cover 144P)

[pot heater (IH cooker) / PH23A-SV]
■Dimensions [mm]: W approximately 259* D approximately 296* H approximately 154
■The length of the power supply cord: 1m
■Weight: Approximately 2.9 kg
 ・Bounds: Polycarbonate
 ・Inner frame: Aluminum
 ・Top plate: Crystallization glass
■Rated voltage: 100V 50/60Hz
■Rated power: 1350W
■Heating method
 ・IH: Up to 1,300W - 360W
 ・Heater: 50W
■Basic performance
 ・Cooking rice mode (we limit pan for exclusive use of rice pot to use)
  ・Polished rice (normal, scorched part) 1-5 go
  ・Brown rice (normal, scorched part) 1-4 go
  ・Polished rice (rice porridge) 1-1.5 go
 ・Cooking mode: Medium fire, low temperature, pole low temperature, thermal insulation ※Thermal insulation temperature setting: 30 degrees Celsius - 95 degrees Celsius (possible setting every 1 degree Celsius)
■Operation method: Smart touch key (backlight fuseidenshiki touch panel)
■Means of displaying: LED method
■Timer: Cooking rice mode: kashigijo ri time of day set method / cooking mode: Off timer set method
■Accessories: Pot heater instruction manual

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Evaluation review
What we bought was good

When it is lunch, it is particularly delicious

Contribution day: 2017/9/18

Contributor: Make a fool; King [we purchase in BicCamera group]

We served as a reference: One

This review served as a reference

Evaluation review
Rice Cookers without thermal insulation

We hardly used thermal insulation function so far if we thought.

We are content very much to be able to cook rice deliciously.

Contribution day: 2017/8/30

Contributor: Anonymity [we purchase in BicCamera group]

Evaluation review
It was good product.

As appearance let you were sharp very much and be and was easy to use, we purchased without thinking.

Contribution day: 2017/8/18

Contributor: sw1314 [we purchase in BicCamera group]

Evaluation review
Unrivaled article is completed by corner-cutting

Nikujaga, pork miso soup are easy, and they are really delicious. Other things are glad that cooker does not become dirty with being able to do it during cooking. Thing which what we bought most this year had good.
It became pleasant to cook

Contribution day: 2017/7/16

Contributor: bamikyura child

We served as a reference: Five people

This review served as a reference

Evaluation review
We knew taste of rice.

The first experience does not know that tastes of rice are so different, too. Is pot only one hundred other than ju ikotokana, it when we cannot keep warm to tell the difficult point?

Contribution day: 2017/7/6

Contributor: Anonymity iviv [we purchase in BicCamera group]

We served as a reference: Three people

This review served as a reference

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