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70W5EHRDA0001 For Recording DVD-RW [one piece of /15GB]

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70 yen (Tax-free)

    • Consumption tax: 5 yen
    • 75 yen (tax-included)
BIC point The outside that is targeted for point
Stock, deadline

We finished sale (production completion)

This becomes the media for HD DVD. Please demand after checking available apparatus.
  • Approximately 70 yen (Tax-free) per one piece
※This product has some difficulties to outer box. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. The product body is new and is not display and used goods.
※As you cannot accept return of goods in standard difference, please confirm support model by all means.

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I'm very sorry.
This product became out of stock.
We cannot purchase this product.
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Characteristic of product

HD DVD-RW 15GB (75 minutes) repetition For Recording (AACS correspondence)

The specifications details

Brand name 70W5EHRDA0001 For Recording DVD-RW [one piece of /15GB]
Model number 70W5EHRDA0001
Maker RIDATA rye data
Product cord 1842598
Maker hope retail price Open price
Maker sale date May 27, 2008

The specifications details

nyusuu One piece
Record capacity 15GB
Record time 75 minutes
Correspondence double speed 1 double speed

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