[the second kind pharmaceutical products] SS Bronn liquid L (120 mL) [dam up removing phlegm (kyotan)]

Dam up; removing phlegm (kyotan), the ranking first place

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This item belongs to [Second-class OTC drugs]. Please read the hazards & cautions carefully, and be sure to use it correctly.
Please consult with doctor, pharmacist or registered salesperson if precautions are concerned.
Click here for details of attachment.
Person in charge of Article: Takahiro Yasui (management pharmacist)
Expiration Date: Over 6 Months
※It limits available amount to have possibilities to become easy to develop side effect when we misuse in some ingredients of this agent.

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[the second kind pharmaceutical products] SS Bronn liquid L (120 mL) [dam up removing phlegm (kyotan)]

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Characteristic of products

■SS Bronn liquid L is a cough and syrup which merely works well, and is cheap.

■Active ingredient, dextromethorphan hydrobromic acid salt hydrate act on bulbar cough control center in nonnarcotic antitussive effect ingredient and quiet a painful cough.

■In addition, guaifenesin lowers strain of the bronchus line and relieves a cough and raises secretion function of the respiratory tract mucous membrane and promotes discharge of viscous sputum which picked quarrel with throat.

The specifications details

Brand name [the second kind pharmaceutical products] SS Bronn liquid L (120 mL) [dam up removing phlegm (kyotan)]
Model number esuesuburoeki L
Maker SSP SSPTo maker site
Product cord 1612334
Request for maker retail price 1,628 yen (tax-included)

The specifications details

[precautions] ※it will not affect reservation. ■Cannot do
(current symptom turns worse when we do not protect, and side effect, accident becomes easy to happen.)
1.The next person, please do not take
 Person who has had allergic symptom with this agent.
2.While you take this agent, please do not take neither next pharmaceutical product
 Other antitussive effect expectorants, Cold Medicine, oral medicine (oral medicine for nasal inflammation, suffering from motion sickness medicine, medicine for allergy), sedative including antihistamine
3.After the remedy, please do not do control of vehicle or instrumentation
 (sleepiness may appear.)

1.The next person, please talk with doctor or pharmacist before remedy
 (1) Person who is treated by doctor.
 (2) Pregnant woman or person considered to be pregnant.
 (3) The person or family is person of allergic predisposition.
 (4) Person who has had allergic symptom by medicine.
 (5) Person with the next symptom.
  High heat is hard to urinate
 (6) Person who received the next diagnosis.
2.In the case of next, you cancel remedy promptly, and please talk with doctor or pharmacist with this manual
 (1) When, after the remedy, the next symptom appears.
 [part concerned: symptom]
  Skin: Rash, hatsuaka, itch
  Digestive organ: Nausea, vomiting, inappetence
  Mind nervous system: Dizziness
  Others: It is hard to urinate
 The following serious symptom may be rarely caused. In that case, please receive medical treatment of doctor promptly.
 [name of symptom: symptom]
  Shock (anaphylaxis): The complexion becomes pale, and hands and feet become cold, and cold sweat, suffocation appear with hives, edema, anguish right after remedy.
(2) When 5-6 times do not come to have good symptom even if they take.
3.When continuation of such a symptom or the reinforcement is seen as the next symptom may appear, you cancel taking, and please talk with doctor or pharmacist
 One of mouth or the side

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  • [the second kind pharmaceutical products] SS Bronn liquid L (120 mL) [dam up removing phlegm (kyotan)]
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