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[dai (2) Kind pharmaceutical products] Lulu attack EX (12 tablets) [cold medicine] ★Product which is targeted for the self-medication taxation system

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★It is product targeted for the self-medication taxation system! For more information:

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This item belongs to [Second-class OTC drugs]. Please read the hazards & cautions carefully, and be sure to use it correctly.
Please consult with doctor, pharmacist or registered salesperson if precautions are concerned.
Click here for details of attachment.
Person in charge of Article: Takahiro Yasui (management pharmacist)
Expiration Date: Over 6 Months
※It limits available amount to have possibilities to become easy to develop side effect when we misuse in some ingredients of this agent.

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[dai (2) Kind pharmaceutical products] Lulu attack EX (12 tablets) [cold medicine] ★Product which is targeted for the self-medication taxation system

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Characteristic of products

It is synthesis Cold Medicine which combined eight kinds of ingredients with effect superior in a hard cold symptoms such as sore throat, fever.

■Two anti-inflammatory ingredient tranexamic acid, ibuprofen suppress inflammation to become the cause of a hard cold symptom and show superior effect for sore throat, heat.
■Sustained antihistaminic ingredient clemastine fumarate suppresses allergic symptom (mucus, stuffy nose) of a cold.
■Removing phlegm ingredient bromhexine hydrochloride makes it easy to give sputum causing a cough.
■Dihydrocodeine phosphate and dl- methylephedrine hydrochloride relieve a hard cough.
■It is aluminum press through pack easy to carry around.

The specifications details

Brand name [dai (2) Kind pharmaceutical products] Lulu attack EX (12 tablets) [cold medicine] ★Product which is targeted for the self-medication taxation system
Model number Lulu attack EX12T
Maker Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. health care DAIICHI SANKYO HEALTHCARETo maker site
Product cord 1422715
Request for maker retail price 1,320 yen (tax-included)

The specifications details

Effect, effect 1 Palliation of symptoms (sore throat, fever, chills, headache, mucus, stuffy nose, sneezing, a cough, sputum, pain of joint, pain of muscle) of a cold
Use, dose 1 Please take two tablets of adult (15 years or older) once after a meal three times a day within 30 minutes if possible.
Under 15 years old: Please do not take.
Ingredient 1 Under six tablets (adult 1 daily output)
Ingredient quantity breakdown
750 mg of tranexamic acid
450 mg of ibuprofen
As clemastine fumarate 1.34 mg clemastine 1 mg
12 mg of bromhexine hydrochloride
60 mg of dl- methylephedrine hydrochloride
24 mg of dihydrocodeine phosphate
25 mg of thiamine nitrification things (vitamin B1 nitric)
12 mg of riboflavin (vitamin B2)
Storage and pharmaceutical precautions 1 1.Please keep in shaded dry cool place.
2.Please keep out of reach of children.
3.Please do not replace in other containers. (it causes misuse, and quality changes)
4.Please do not use product that it was past expiration date of indication.
Reference 1 Company name: Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. health care
Address: 〒 103-8234 3-14-10, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Reference: Customer service
Telephone: 0120-337-336
Time in: 9: 00-17: 00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
[precautions] ※it will not affect reservation. ■Cannot do
(current symptom turns worse when we do not protect, and side effect, accident becomes easy to happen)
1.The next person, please do not take.
(1) People who have had allergic symptom by ingredient in this agent or this agent
(2) Person who took this agent or other Cold Medicine, antipyretic analgesic, and has had asthma
(3) Children under 15
(4) Pregnant woman within expected date 12 weeks
2.While you take this agent, please do not use neither next pharmaceutical product.
Other Cold Medicine, antipyretic analgesic, sedatives, antitussive effect expectorant, (oral medicine for nasal inflammation, suffering from motion sickness medicine, medicine for allergy) such as oral medicine including antihistamine, oral medicine containing tranexamic acid
3.After the remedy, please do not do control of vehicle or instrumentation. (sleepiness may appear)
4.Please avoid the nursing whether person nursing does not take this agent when you take this agent.
5.Please do not drink about remedy.
Please do not take more than 6.5 days.

1.The next person, please talk with doctor, pharmacist or registration distributor before remedy.
(1) Person who is treated by doctor or dentist
(2) Pregnant woman or person considered to be pregnant
(3) Elderly person
(4) Person who has had allergic symptom by medicine
(5) Person with the next symptom: High heat is hard to urinate
(6) Person who received the next diagnosis: Thyroidal dysfunction, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease, glaucoma, mixed connective tissue disease, mixed connective tissue disease, person (cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction, clot-related phlebitis) with clot, person who might have thrombosis, breathing dysfunction, occlusive sleep apnea syndrome, adiposity
(7) Person who has suffered from the next disease: Stomach, duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis, Crohn disease
2.As side effect is possible after the remedy when the next symptom appears, you cancel taking promptly, and please talk with doctor, pharmacist or registration distributor with this document.
[part concerned: Symptom]
Skin: Rash, hatsuaka, itch, blue bruise are made
Digestive organ: Nausea, vomiting, inappetence, gastric region discomfort, stomachache, stomatitis, heartburn, heavy stomach, the stomach and intestines bleeding, abdominal pain, diarrhea, blood in stool
Mind nervous system: Dizziness, excitement, convulsions
Circulatory organ: Heartbeat
Respiratory organs: Shortness of breath
The urinary organ: It is hard to urinate
Others: Bleeding, back pain, excessive temperature drop that blurred vision, ringing in the ears, swelling, nosebleed, bleeding, bleeding of the gums are hard to stop feel tired
The following serious symptom may be rarely caused. In that case, please receive medical treatment of doctor promptly.
[name of symptom: Symptom]
Shock (anaphylaxis): Right after remedy of graze sneezing of itch of skin, hives, voice which itch, suffocation, heartbeat, clouded mental status appear.
Oculomucocutaneous syndrome (Stevens-Johnson syndrome), the toxic epidermis necrosis myelinolysis: High heat, hyperemia, eye mucus of eyes, inflammation, sore throat of lips, a wide range of rashes, flares of skin last and rapidly turn worse.
Hepatic dysfunction: Fever, itch, rash, jaundice (skin and the white of eyes yellow), brown urine, tiredness, inappetence of whole body appear.
Renal damage: Fever, rash, decrease in volume of urine, swelling of whole body, tiredness, arthralgia (points ache), diarrhea of whole body appear.
Aseptic meningitis: Intense headache, heat generation accompanied by thrust of neck muscle, nausea, vomiting appear. (such a symptom is reported a lot in people treated for mixed connective tissue disease in particular or mixed connective tissue disease)
Stroma-related pneumonia: We go up stairs, and we are out of breath when we overdo it a little, and hacking cough, fever becoming tense are seen, and these appear suddenly and continue.
Asthma: Time wheeze to breathe sounds with whistles, is choking, and appear.
Aplastic anemia: Fatigue, heartbeat, shortness of breath, hematuria to feel sick, and to reel that blue aza, nosebleed, bleeding, fever, skin and mucous membrane of the gums look pale appear.
Agranulocytosis: Sudden high heat, samuke, sore throat appear.
Respiratory depression: Shortness of breath, suffocation appear.
3.When continuation of such a symptom or the reinforcement is seen as the next symptom may appear after the remedy, you cancel taking, and please talk with doctor, pharmacist or registration distributor with this document.
Of constipation, mouth dry, sleepiness
When symptom does not improve even if we take 4.5-6 times, you cancel remedy, and please talk with doctor, pharmacist or registration distributor with this document. (when heat in particular continues more than three days, and heat repeats again)
Other attention
<attention in conjunction with ingredient, quantity>
By riboflavin (vitamin B2) combined with this agent, urine may yellow.

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  • [dai (2) Kind pharmaceutical products] Lulu attack EX (12 tablets) [cold medicine] ★Product which is targeted for the self-medication taxation system
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