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  • Way of working ... which does not get snagged at telework recommended item special feature - place and time

Way of working ... which does not get snagged at telework recommended item special feature - place and time

With telework?

It is flexible way of working to be able to choose place and time when it was correct in people in before each who work by utilizing the Internet unlike fixed duty form.
It is coined word that merged "we work work (work) =" with "tele (tele) = remote place".

We introduce recommended product about telework that work is pushed forward without asking the when and where.

With telework (teleworking)

Thing necessary for introduction of telework?

The Internet environment

The Internet environment including email and data upload videoconferencing is necessary.

Telework (teleworking) Internet environment


We use Headset with microphone in Headphones by videoconferencing.

Telework (teleworking) Headset

Peep prevention film

When there is peep prevention film preventing important information from being seen carelessly, it is relief.

Telework (teleworking) peep prevention film

 It is recommended to videoconferencing, WEB meeting 

Web Camera Headset

Without choosing place if there are any Headset and WEB Cameras, conversation can easily perform having a meeting. Place that is begun immediately if we put together even at time even if we do not do arrangement or business trip of meeting room is attractive.

Furthermore, we can talk in peace as it shows face of partner. There is thing having built-in including Cameras and microphone to normal PC, but Headset is recommended at place that big sounds of the homes cannot provide.

Telework (teleworking) WEB Cameras Headset

PC Speaker

When there is PC Speaker when we plurally hold a meeting at one place, it is convenient.

In addition, Headset is recommended by use in individual treatment, but we are not used, and PC Speaker is recommended to long time which use is weak in.

As sound leaks out, handling of information and consideration to use place are necessary.

Telework (teleworking) PC Speaker

PC chair, legless chair

It is in chair of one hook to employ when we use desk work work and PC, specifications that it is hard to be tired from even if we sit down for a long time.

Of caster is on to be easy to change direction of body, and sit down on, standing is easy to work. Leg is divided into five-forked prayer staff from one pillar supporting bearing surface and there is height adjustment and can turn a lot of things of form with caster into height that it is easy to sit down on according to height and the height when sitting on the tip. There is type with thing and headrest of mesh material which bearing surface contains cushion or is hard to be steamed.

Telework (teleworking) PC chair, legless chair

PC desk

From PC desk ideal as for the comfortable PC work!

PC desk is exclusive desk who was made to use PC unlike just table. Work with PC is easy to take burden to body than people notice. Therefore it is necessary to use thing which matched body. When we pay attention to environment or good balance with accessories to use together to use PC and choose, work with PC progresses. Form, type are multifarious even if with PC desk. Simple table will be enough if we use notebook PC mainly. Thing with shelf and caster will be good if we store monitor or Printer, manual in a mass. As few invention is done on normal desk and table, PC is easy to work more and does.

Telework (teleworking) PC desk

Wi-Fi router

Communication environment of network becomes essential to perform WEB meetings. If network environment is bad, break of sound or break of picture happen and cannot push forward smoothly.

There is model that does not support wired LAN cable depending on PC.

In that case, Wi-Fi router is necessary.

Telework (teleworking) Wi-Fi router

LAN cable

LAN cable is thing necessary to connect with Internet with existence line and is cable which is usable when we communicate PCs. Anything is LAN cable to see in the same way, but performance such as material or shape is different let alone category (standard) by product. In addition, the feature is that it is different in transmission rate and convenience. LAN cable has number after CAT like "CAT5". Performance is available for high speed communication line highly so that this number is big.

Telework (teleworking) LAN cable

 It is recommended to security management 

Security wire, peep prevention film

It is management of information to have to be careful in particular on performing telework. Information of company may leak out by at-home work that there are families carelessly.

We recommend that we cope with films which can prevent security wire and peep so that PCs which information of work enters are not stolen.

Telework (teleworking) security wire, peep prevention film

PC, peripheral device recommended category  

Note PC

PC which is essential to telework. PC of battery is recommended for light weight model and long time when carrying around is easy.

Telework (teleworking) goods note PC List of note PCs


Without if is Mouse corresponding to radio, minding wiring; use gadekirumasu. Silent type not to be worried about sound is recommended.

Telework (teleworking) goods Mouse

List of Mouse


As display area spreads out if we tie monitor to note PC, work efficiency goes up, and concentration does not decrease, too.

Telework (teleworking) goods PC monitor List of monitors


We can work in the same way as work in desktop PC more comfortably if we connect to note PC.

Telework (teleworking) goods Keyboard List of Keyboard

Numeric keypad

Accounts duties and number input are convenient for many works. There is type of USB connection and Bluetooth connection.

Telework (teleworking) goods numeric keypad List of numeric keypads

Docking station

As plural cables are usable without trouble of exclusion and adding if there are any docking station, it is convenient.

Telework (teleworking) goods docking station

List of docking station

External SSD

We sometimes feel capacity to be that there few while we work. At that time, we recommend external SSD.

Telework (teleworking) goods attaching externally SSD List of external SSD

Power Tap, extension cord

If we work at PC, charge of smartphone, home including desk light, power supply may be necessary more than expected.

Telework (teleworking) goods Power Tap, extension cord List of Power Tap, extension cords

PC bag Case

We store peripheral devices such as note PC and Mouse, AC adapter in one. It is convenient for carrying around.

Telework (teleworking) goods PC bag Case List of PC bags


Print of documents may be necessary at home. Printer that it is easy to use with compact is recommended.

Telework (teleworking) goods Printer

List of Printer

Ink cartridge Toner

Okay, setup of Ink cartridge Toner prepares well when we were going to print so that there is not running out of Ink cartridge.Telework (teleworking) goods Ink cartridge Toner          

List of Ink cartridge Toner


For disposal of highly confidential documents and contracts at home. Crosscut type cuts finely.

Telework (teleworking) goods Shredder List of Shredder

Convenience item which is popular among teleworks

It is recommended to the making of comfortable environment 

Blue light cut, PC Glasses

We cut "blue light" occurring from liquid crystal and reduce burden to eyes including flicker and dazzle.

Telework (teleworking) goods blue light cut, PC Glasses List of blue light cut, PC Glasses

The PC stands

The back is connected for growth, posture improvement by giving glance when we regulate height in the PC stands.

The telework (teleworking) goods PC stands

List of PC stands

The smartphone tablet stands

As we can fix smartphone and tablet, and both hands become vacant, it is convenient when we hold a meeting on the telephone while seeing the other party.

The telework (teleworking) goods smartphone tablet stands List of smartphone tablet stands

Wireless battery charger for smartphone

As we can charge while leaning smartphone oo, the receipt and new message are early and can confirm.

Wireless battery charger for telework (teleworking) goods smartphone List of wireless battery chargers for smartphone

The stands light

The stands light which lights up hand brightly so that eyes are not tired from work is recommended for a long time.

Telework (teleworking) goods stands light List of stands right field

Selfie light

When WEB meetings light up the right field to oneself when they perform, expression becomes bright, and it is in good impression. It is recommended to online interview.

Telework (teleworking) goods selfie light

List of selfie right field

Posture support cushion

Posture that is right with support cushion so that posture does not get worse by work at home.

Telework (teleworking) goods posture support cushion List of posture support cushions


We may come to have a pain in buttocks and waist for a long time when we sit down on chair. Let's be reduced using cushion.

Telework (teleworking) goods cushion List of cushions

Sanitization, cleaning goods 

Place where hand touches will always keep PC or mouse key board clean using sanitization goods.

Telework (teleworking) goods sanitization, cleaning goods List of sanitization, cleaning goods

Air Cleaner

Let's keep home work space clean in Air Cleaner. If air is clean, we refresh feeling.

Telework (teleworking) goods Air Cleaner

List of Air Cleaner

Aroma Diffuser

Let's put aroma of fragrance that oneself likes desk around. Concentration up and relaxation effect are divided by fragrance.

Telework (teleworking) Aroma Diffuser List of Aroma Diffuser

Coffee Maker   

As we can serve coffee of as good as cafe at home, we can take a break at home.

Telework (teleworking) goods Coffee Maker List of Coffee Maker


It is important to drink water diligently even if in home. If it is stainless steel, long-time thermal insulation is possible, too.

Telework (teleworking) goods tumbler List of tumblers

Electric kettle  

As we can make brief light meal and hot drink immediately, it is convenient. We are safe even if we concentrate on work as worry of end lapse of memory of fire is unnecessary.

Telework (teleworking) goods electric appliance kettle

List of electric appliance kettles

List rest

Let's soften burden on such hand using list rest by work in long-time PC and Mouse.

List of telework (teleworking) goods rest List of list rests

Eye drops 

As for the long-time PC work, eye is tiring. Let's care with eye drops healing eyestrain.

Telework (teleworking) Eye drops List of Eye drops

Eye care product

We refresh eyestrain that we concentrated for a long time. Appearing eye mask of steam unties muscle of eye.

Telework (teleworking) goods eye care product List of eye care products

Massage device

Swelling or fatigue of foot come out for a long time when we work for the same posture. Untie physical muscle moderately; and relaxation.

Telework (teleworking) goods massage device

List of massage devices

Training tube 

We stretch fixed back using tube by long-time desk work, and let's untie muscle.

Telework (teleworking) goods massage device List of training tubes

Background, chrome frame 

When we do not want to show background in the WEB society matter, background paper is convenient. We can easily compose if we use chrome frame in virtual background.

Telework (teleworking) training tube List of background, chrome frame

We are refreshed between teleworks

Recommended PC Computer Peripherals campaign

Operation of PC is recommended to uneasy person

It is PC, the tablet body and peripheral device, service that we can solve in o, telephone and remote support "that's a problem" of software. Let alone basic how to use, professional staff will solve setting of email, various troubles of customer including print method of photograph.

The product details are this
The product details are this
Exercise, muscular workout goods which are done in house
Watch; item
Telework recommended item special feature
We take eating in the household (uchishoku), house and feature household appliances
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