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Regular customer of prize for world design

We start as casting manufacturer of Buddhist altar fittings production in Takaoka-shi, Toyama in 1947.
We make Watches & Clocks frame of major Watches & Clocks maker using technique of casting and are the beginning
History of Watches & Clocks production began.

Faith to manufacturing their for 1,984 years as for President Hiroshi Takada (the founder)
From thought to "want to receive direct evaluation" whether it reaches customer properly
We separate Division and become independent and step forward to one step for the full-scale company's product development.

Lemnos makes project with many well-known designers until now
It released many perfect gems.

Good design prize, prize for iF design, prize for red dot design
takataremunosu which became regular customer of prize for world design as pioneer of design clock,
It is innovative and continues suggesting permanent beauty from now on.