Space for fashion. Photogenic design household appliances "HashTAG"

Of topic "is photogenic". Do you not aim at stylish photogenic o with pretty design household appliances in everyday life?

Special feature _HashTAG_ mini-hot plate

Mini-hot plate "HashTAG Compact electric griddle" 

HT-HP11-AR Ashe red 

Because takoyaki plate is attached let alone fried dishes with plane plate, takoyaki or ahijo are usable hot plates variously.

At mini-size, it is good to small house party.

When cute pink and two colors of blue development upload party and dishes scenery in Instagram, they do more photogenic direction.

In addition, care is easy as we use ceramic plate.

Special feature _HashTAG_ Toaster

(running out of 4-8 pieces, two pieces) pop up Toaster "HashTAG Pop-up toaster" HT-PT11-AR Ashe red 

Pink cute Toaster is Toaster which it is simple and is easy to use.

As we can regulate doneness to seven phases, favorite toast is baked.

Design adopts stainless steel-like which is easy to adjust to kitchen.

Wooden butter knife that texture of natural tree is stylish includes.

Special feature _HashTAG_ hot pot set

(one share) desk model IH cooker pan set "HashTAG Induction cooker & pot" HT-IC11S-AR Ashe red 

Thermal insulation is done let alone heating and cooking and is wide pan set of use.

We cut, and it is automatic, and OFF restrains on lapse of memory and heating surplus without using fire as it is IH as it is safe, and five reliable safety functions are more belonging to.

Special feature _HashTAG_ Coffee Maker

All automatic Coffee Maker "HashTAG Fully automatic coffee maker" HT-CM11-AG Ashe green 

Let alone pretty design, it is all automatic Coffee Maker which coffee can enjoy easily. Furthermore, "drip coffee with powder" "fault saws beans and do drip coffee" "beans as middle, saw, and do, and can choose from drip coffee" and three modes, can make favorite coffee.

As filter adopts mesh filter, we can put same beans and powder without using filter of paper.

Special feature _HashTAG_ kettle

Electric kettle "HashTAG Electric kettle" (0.8 L) 

HT-DK11-AR Ashe red 

It is kettle which design of nostalgic wind has a cute. Capacity is recommended toward 0.8 L and the single life.

As mark that quantity of water understands is with inside of container, we can warm hot water as much as it is necessary and are economical. In addition, relief is safe as power supply is automatically turned off when it boils.

Special feature _HashTAG_ yogurt maker

Yogurt maker "HashTAG Yogurt maker" (900 ml) 

HT-YM11-AG Ashe green  

Yogurt manufacturer which just only sets commercial milk Pack, and can easily make homemade yogurt. It is not necessary to replace container and is available sanitarily.

It is equipped with "yogurt mode to take" and can make fermented food except yogurt, too.

With recipe book which repertory increases to.

Special feature _HashTAG_ hot sand maker

Hot sand maker (attached to taiyaki plate) "HashTAG" (hashtag) 

HT-SM11-AG Ashe green  

Hot sand maker to be able to easily prepare exquisite hot sand such as menu of cafe into at home. By design reflecting the image of Brooklyn-style, we direct longed-for stylish kitchen.

In addition, waffle plate to be able to prepare American waffle and Belgian waffle into and taiyaki plate which cute mini-taiyaki can make are attachment. We can make various menus with one.