Star Wars TM/ Jedai challenge

Experience-based AR game to be able to enjoy with smartphone, Star Wars TM "Jedai challenge" enter in combination the world of Star Wars TM in smartphone and AR Headset and can enjoy game with a sense of reality as member of Jedai Knights Hospitalers including "strategy battle" to improve the skill, and to expand "Jolo chess" and advanced base, and to repulse the empire forces of "light saver" as pupil handling force.

Star Wars / Jedai challenge

With Jedai challenge

We project picture which we projected with smartphone in AR Headset in front and can do experience that totally got into the world of Star Wars TM.

We leave "planet nabu" which appeared in the episode 1/ Phantom Menace of Star Wars TM, and, in collected game, stage "planet hosu" of counterattack of episode 5/ empire loads "ascetic practices of Jedai" visiting "planet bogo Dana" of awakening of force.

The world spreads out whenever we clear the enemy and empire forces of dark side, stage including fight with the first order on each planet.

Magnificent experience more than 12 hours is waiting for player total play time while enjoying view of the world of each work.

※Compatible smartphone and Star Wars TM/ Jedai challenge application are necessary.

※Application gives a Japanese response (at December 15, 2017).

Detailed specifications, please confirm maker site.

Three games to be able to enjoy view of the world of Star Wars TM

Light saver battle

Jedai challenge "light saver battle"

We confront Cairo Ren and galactic menace like dozen Vader, and let's improve our skill in light saver!

Jolo chess

Jedai challenge "Jolo chess"

Let's fight against concentration by ultimate game using strategy. We make full use of Jolo graphic aliens, and let's enlarge territory with chess board!

Strategic battle

Jedai challenge "strategy battle"

With rebel army, let's fight against the powerful empire forces. We expand advanced base and repulse the empire forces!

We reproduce world feeling of Star Wars TM with three tools

Light saver controller

Jedai challenge "light saver battle"

Light saver to confront galactic menace is reproduced realistically. Feedback is felt for attack of enemy, only by Star Wars TM can experience.

Lenovo Mirage AR Headset

Jedai challenge "Jolo chess"

Headset device which was designed based on ergonomics to be absorbed in the world of Star Wars TM to one's heart's content. Moment, home which we put on change in the world of Star Wars TM.

Tracking beacon

Jedai challenge "strategy battle"

It is device presenting the world of AR to wrap up around player. We track each position relation exactly and reproduce view of the world of Star Wars TM.

The specifications details

Star Wars TM/ Jedai challenge is AR experience game to be able to enjoy at compatible Android terminal and iOS terminal.

Light saver controller

System unit dimensions …… Approximately 315.5mm *47.2mm

System unit mass …… Approximately 275 g

Buttons …… Power button, blade button, force button

Mirage AR Headset

System unit dimensions …… Approximately 209.2mm x 83.8mm *154.8mm

System unit mass …… Approximately 470 g

Buttons …… Choice button, cancel button, menu button

Cameras  …… Dual motion tracking Cameras

Tracking beacon

System unit dimensions …… Approximately 94.1mm *76.7mm

System unit mass …… Approximately 113.5 g

Buttons …… Power switch (color change function)


Communication facility …… Bluetooth connection with Phone

Correspondence language …… English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish

The application fingers containing… ※Application is going to be released later.

Corresponding terminal

Battery is attached. Correspondence smartphone and Star WarsTM/ Jedai challenge application are necessary. Additional data rate may incur on downloading of application. Experience expressed in character and object of Star Wars is displayed only as augmented reality (AR) image by using compatible smartphone and Lenovo Mirage AR Headset. Additional contents download, and they may be offered in future.

Target smartphone: iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel, Moto Z²Force Edition, LG G6 (the latest support model, please confirm maker site.)

Bundling product

Lenovo Mirage AR Headset, light saver controller, tracking beacon, Phone tray, lightning - Micro USB conversion cable (for data transmission), USB Type-C - Micro USB conversion cable (for data transmission), Micro USB - Micro USB cable (for data transmission), USB - Micro USB conversion cable (for charge), size AA battery dry cell two (for tracking beacon), AC adapter (5V/1A), QUICK start guide

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