BicCamera Machida Store annex

The Machida Store annex appearance

Business hours

From 11:00 to 21:00 open throughout the year



※It leads to Outlet store general guidance.


〒194-0013 6-7-8, Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo
Tip's Machida 1F, 2F

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BicCamera  Machida Store annex parking lot map

Parking lot

① poppo Machida

② ichinoya parking lot 450 operating hours 8:00-23:00

Purchase amount of money Free service time
2,160 yen (tax-included) or more Two hours

Floor guide

Floor The handling product Facilities, service
The second floor Outlet
TV audio system, life household appliances (cooking, housework, seasonal household appliances), Beauty & Health
New article/used goods TV game console, software, purchase counter, reservation corner (TV game, PC gaming Blu-ray/DVD, Figure/hobby)
BicCamera gift certificate sale, BicCamera gift card sale (we sell at ※ cash register counter)
The first floor Smartphone/iPhone
New smartphone/iPhone iPhone Accessory micro SD card

BIC CYCLE Machida Store
Road motorcycle cross bike mountain bike, folding Bicycle, child topping train movement assist Bicycle, cycle-related parts riders cafe

Used personal computer, used Digital Camera, used smartphone, new/used personal computer, Ymobile counter
Consultation of consultation, Bicycle of contract, the Internet of smartphone The one for restroom manThe one for restroom woman

Other services: Free Wi-Fi (free Internet service), BIC chosokuben

※Time in may be different from store business hours and may become caretaker depending on contents by service.

Guidance of facilities/other stores

It is Tip's Machida BIC CYCLE Machida Store (1F), riders cafe (made-to-order Bicycle) (1F)
※Please confirm each homepage about inquiry, business hours to each shop.

Sale event information

  • We accept at no interest rate until up to 12 times of Orico shopping loan payment in installments.
  • BicCamera  Suica card
It is a waste of team
Outlet, the Internet shop are cheap, too