100 hours-limited BIC special sale is just open

Up to 5,000 points of Kitchen Appliances Festival presents!

  • Campaign contents

    We present target product up to 5,000 points during period when we have you use coupon in the case of the purchase!

  • The purchase period

    From Saturday, August 29, 2020 to Sunday, November 1, 2020

 We look for from recommended category

 We look for target product from point sizes

 Product which is targeted for 5,000 points
Coupon cord: D032804

 Product which is targeted for 3,000 points
Coupon cord: D032798

 Product which is targeted for 2,000 points
Coupon cord: D032781

 Product which is targeted for 1,000 points
Coupon cord: D032774

 Product which is targeted for 500 points
Coupon cord: D032767


・Target product may be different from campaign of store.

・Campaign contents change without notice, and they may be finished.

・We may not use each campaign together. You mediate accounting, and please use on this occasion.