METAL BUILD majinga Z/ Infinity

December 31, 2017

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Hello, it is tall member.
When Christmas was over, in preparation for general cleaning and New Year's card, it has been the last day of the year immediately.
Are all of you who began rest not very busy?

Product to introduce this time is "METAL BUILD majinga Z/ Infinity".

World-famous huge robot animation "majinga Z" revives as theater animation in January, 2018!
It is third majinga Z "Infinity" to appear there.
This "METAL BUILD majinga Z/ Infinity" is arranged into METAL BUILD version by hand of Takayuki Yanase in charge of mechanic design and is model that the appearance that solid brilliancy does more brushed up for movable mechanism.

plamohobby/20171231/ 02 plamohobby/20171231/ 03
We remove arm, and rocket punch reappears wonderfully, too!
Wet look and metallic finish are high-quality in METAL BUILD Nara, and fan becomes completeness of assent, too.

plamohobby/20171231/ 04 plamohobby/20171231/ 05
As a lot of effects for direction are attached, we can reproduce various scenes dynamically.
Furthermore, the powerful scene in state that was saved as exclusive prop is attached is possible.

It is going to release this product in February,
Attention degree increases on about January 13, 2018 when movie is released on, and is sold out; ...?
Please make a reservation early!

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