... which went for the 57th Shizuoka hobby show!

May 19, 2018

Plastic model kino large icon
Hello! kino large desu.
... which went for the 57th Shizuoka hobby show!

On the day venue is large serving rise with temperature and heat by fine weather unlike first Shizuoka hobby show, day before in a year!
Then we enter venue promptly and go to BANDAI booth!

One which it got into eyes very first of BANDAI booth of Gundam ace serialization [mobile suit moon Gundam]!
It is going to release as HG1/144 in September.
1/144 Baru gill is with sample only.
Work is not reading yet, but is like story between shaa of counterattack from ZZ Gundam.
We will do gimmick hadoiu movement of form of month of back or become ... mind (gokuri)
Also, head is only different, and Baru Gill is the same as frame of Gundam when see well, and in this neighborhood in story
Will be concerned deeply; or ...

plamohobby/20180518_ 01_1 plamohobby/20180518_ 02

The next plastic model of Gundam is MG jiegan which heard that we manufacture than before!
There is a feeling of weight heavily generally.
jiegan of HG was stylish, but this jiegan is substantial with shoulder, chest, calf,
It becomes mass-produced airplanes with full of a feeling of weight.
We think MG whether it is correct answer in this.
jiegan is dropped with overwhelming performance difference at the time of cross Vaughn vanguard and battle in F91 of in a play
In flow of MS that evolution of MS of federation is downsized when we see size and the equipment when we compare in F91 of MG
We can realize that it becomes outdated.
When BANDAI will be thinking properly, such a place admires.
※One that is merely volume is cool! It does not become known to think of this, but w

plamohobby/20180518_ 04 plamohobby/20180518_ 03
plamohobby/20180518_ 06 plamohobby/20180518_ 05

To booth quickly next in seeing jiegan to jump to join in, and other people seeming to be troubled.

Plastic model of Gundam of bright red Body bringing on presence conspicuously! [RG sazabi] Then do not have;!
We may not get a hint in photograph, but are this 1/144 scale.
Proportionate width which does not lose in 1/144 size in MG and PG and detail and gimmick which was particular about in detail of plastic model of Gundam is the highest
Is it not exaggeration, though?
In addition, when sazabi is manufactured with HG, MG, but thinks new interpretation to have arrived at this design for the cause on becoming RG
We may say best of sazabi!
※It is going to release in August, 2018!

plamohobby/20180518_ 08 plamohobby/20180518_ 07
plamohobby/20180518_ 10 plamohobby/20180518_ 09
Promotion video flows through having gone next straight, and large size kit outstanding conspicuously is displayed
[Mobile Suit Gundam NT]

Theater public plan becoming sequel to long-awaited mobile suit UC is November, 2018!
It was kept ... which was worried about continuance very much when shaa of counterattack was over waiting already no for nearly 30 years.
We cut, and UC one ward does and can see continuance this time in two years! This is wonderful problem!
We displayed, and kit watched seriousness of BANDAI in this way, too!

By the way, it is a pleasure as we do not hear stories from the person in charge of BANDAI what kind of story is developed,
Is it Gundam NT that is decorated with mock of light molding in large quantities?
Size is HG, but is considerably big, we do not go to dendrobium, but me tear size is possible.
We want to look at the scene playing an active part early!

At corner of Gundam NT, unicorn third unit feh NCXX and shinanjusutain were displayed.
It is long in coming until November what kind of role these two MS and Gundam NT will play, ...

plamohobby/20180518_ 11 plamohobby/20180518_ 12

plamohobby/20180518_ 13 plamohobby/20180518_ 14

plamohobby/20180518_ 15 plamohobby/20180518_ 16

It is ..., horayappariattawa w to have gone next
After all it was greatly displayed when we thought that we never excluded F91 because we took out jiegan!
F91ver2.0! Release comes close, and information called short answer appears suddenly! Please find person wanting F91 early!

We think that we can enjoy difference in size and equipment when we set biginagina and jiegan beside this F91.
By the way, I want with F91 as biginagina is released in RE/100!

As is time soon, want to do report of plastic model of Gundam main in this to be over, if there is opportunity again, please see!

plamohobby/20180518_ 17 plamohobby/20180518_ 20
plamohobby/20180518_ 18

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