NanoBlock yokozuna

August 15, 2017

Plastic model very tall person icon
It is hello very tall person.
We introduce this month as "nanoBlock" of BicCamera original was released.

At first with product which it is "nanoBlock", but is famous as Block of world most small grade that Kawada releases,
Animal and vehicle, many items including building are released.
NanoBlock yokozuna
And it released original nanoBlock in BicCamera , but reproduced [yokozuna] that Kisenosato attracted attention in nano Block this year every year!

NanoBlock yokozuna NanoBlock yokozuna
This "nanoBlock yokozuna" reproduces sumo wrestler's ceremonial entrance into the ring by powerful pose and sumo referee of yokozuna.
The height of the yokozuna is approximately 6cm, but what makeup mawashi can clean is great.

NanoBlock yokozuna NanoBlock yokozuna
In addition, size of sumo ring reproduces sumo referee with referee's fan at a little less than 9cm well.
We understand that we have back parts of rope cool when we look at the back of yokozuna.
NanoBlock yokozuna NanoBlock yokozuna NanoBlock yokozuna
Furthermore, there are three types of poses of yokozuna and can reproduce sumo wrestler's ceremonial entrance into the ring to preference.
Of course as it is not necessary to make according to manual, sumo fan makes yokozuna of original pose, and you buy plural number, and please make page and dew payment!

In addition, please order which is interested by all means as "nanoBlock yokozuna" becomes BicCamera and limited sale only for Kojima!

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