Now topic! Bluetooth Earphone of B & O, complete wireless Beoplay E8

February 5, 2018

Yes, ... which is TK-C.

Car called Civic of Honda is cool recently!
It is said that we are made in the U.K. though it is Japanese Honda
Hatchback type.
There is Civic from old days,
It is long-standing model who is the tenth generation this time.
Line per rear fender is particularly wonderful.
Ride comfort was praised by a certain TV show very much!

Opening of darling in the franc kiss is good more.
It is animation dropped in OP after a long absence!
Place where darling in particular says is already really good.

By the way, it is ideal Earphone to hear such anison!

A feeling of fitting is good; topic!
B&O perfection wireless Earphone Beoplay E8

It is nantomaaosharena photograph!

The black!


Unusual charcoal sand which we were able to graze a little.
... which has a feeling of military.


Feeling that does not come when we open package!
Explanation of obi is written "we use for the first time, before".
By the way, pairing ranks both ears and pushes and holds button of right and left for a few seconds.
As it becomes pairing mode if we say pi
We think that we can search in player!


It is in condition to have set this in Case.


Charge Case with wrinkle is genuine leather specification!
... which not only a feeling of fitting of ear but also a feeling of fitting of the hand is distinguished for.


Back LED was turned on at the time of charge.
There is LED toward you when we open cover of Case.


A feeling of fitting of rumor was very good!
Besides, as it is not big from side to side,
There should not be sense of incongruity even if we attach to ear!
As there seemed to be technically little poor connection,
We used in crowded train.
This is comfortable!
As we did not break off in the middle of music
We were able to enjoy music without stress.
Sound quality is balance type in flat.
We thought that low tone thicker one was enough a little more personally
The neighborhood is adjustable with equalizer on the player side.
Please have played before buying by all means!

So that, for everybody, music is always over there.

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For us, music is always over there.