It is audio system in being Sunglasses! Much-talked-about new product BOSE FRAMES appearance

October 10, 2019

It is L-JUN.

Morning and evening were cool and became climate to feel autumn recently.

Speaking of autumn autumn of sports, autumn of reading, autumn of appetite...
There are autumn of sleep and autumn of art, too.

What is in your autumn?
Well, this product is this!

Why is it Sunglasses? You who thought of this.
This is high-performance personal audio system!

Much-talked-about new product released on October 3, the name are BOSE FRAMES

We just had a look by stylish design of fashion and are not identified as audio system.


Various functions are equipped with among them.

At first it is music!
Part of temple (string) has microminiature sound structure and can enjoy music of high-quality sound at the ear.
Furthermore, we talk by wireless, and access to Assistant sound of Siri and Google is possible as it is Bluetooth connection.

As we sell silver (polarization existence) and lens which is blue (polarization nothing) with option of other selling, we think that you may change lens by feeling and use environment!

As it is season of athletic meet and holiday making, we hang BOSE FRAMES, and let's enjoy music cool from now on!

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