Waterproofing type! Compact Speaker SoundLink Micro of BOSE!

October 8, 2017

Yes, ... which is TK-C.

We got dried plum (tanenuki) from younger student the other day.
It which we ate was very delicious after a long absence.
If have such a talk; dried plum crunch-crunch plum
People who prepared expressly increased around.
Happiness is quite imminent thing!
For happiness of dried plum,
... that HAPPY PARTY TRAIN makes ear happy.

Well, we send happiness of such an ear
Bluetooth Speaker NEW item!

Small one only as for the size

SoundLink Micro speaker


Though it is compact of BOSE pride, it is of high-quality sound!
Sound this at palm size! At this price!
... which is Speaker which has one, and does not interfere either!


We waterproof how!
IPX7 (eye P X seven)
It is performance not to be flooded inside even if buried in water in condition of the constant depth of the water (1m) for temporary (30 minutes)!


There is Strap belt behind!
... which is added to bag and Bicycle easily.


... which is usable for approximately six hours when we charge!
As sound volume is paid well although being compact,
We think whether it is just right to enjoy at less than 2m.


Color is black, navy, three colors of orange.
It is Speaker which is active, and is usable with high-quality sound!
However, while when we go out, sounding music
We do not do ttoiu how to use,
Carrying around in room is very convenient.
... which seems to be usable in bath because it is waterproofing.
It is small simple Speaker which we want to put quietly near!

So that, for everybody, music is always over there.

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For us, music is always over there.