"Asking" of topic Earphone! Ear caph Earphone

July 1, 2018

domo ~! In TK-C.

We went to live concert on June 10.
Place is mettoraifudomu.
The best.

We left my soul at that place, that moment.

While the feeling cools down and does not do it,
~ which went to Numazu to look for my brightness.
It rained when we got up in the morning,
It become cloudy by weather forecast in the afternoon
As rain was to stop
We leave while playing favorite music!
When we arrived, sunny interval peeped out and became very hot.
As we wanted to have sea foods deliciously though we took a break for SA on the way
... which does not eat rice, and is starving.
To shop where we say, and tto is reliable after the arrival at the field soon.

Magocha bowl of ground horse mackerel

It is delicious, honttoni.
It is high-level quality, quantity together.
TK-C great delight.

Value Gari-Gari Kun melon soda taste afterwards at convenience store
We spent relaxed time in Mitsuhama.

Music, place, meal together way back of great satisfaction,
He/she reached the local sky by such a beautiful scenery.


Oh, it was good to act ...!

So that thing which we put at that place, that moment is sent back
It seems to still take time.

By the way, it is ear caph Earphone not to take no notice of this time!

ambie sound earcuffs AMBT01

... which is type that this ambie sandwiches between ears and puts on!
There are parts which are suitable for earhole when we put on.
It is structure which there is exit over there, and reports sound to ear!

Asphalt black

My heart white

Stamp orange

Pop music chi

Toy Pooh BRAUN

Cactus green

●We ask audio system person in charge McKie! Gee, caph Earphone is convenient for such time!
・We are anxious about announcement of station or approach of car to use by commuting attending school
・We want to listen to while playing sports
・We want to enjoy music during work
・We can talk with children must keep an eye on while cooking in kitchen
・We are weak in canal (earplugs type)

・・McKie is courageous very much to enjoy music during ・ hohou work!

There is directivity to arrive in ear, but does sound leak!
Let's enjoy use at quiet place while doing consideration to person of the circumference!

So that, for everybody, music is always over there.

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Audio system diary which improves what member of audio system enthusiast felt including TK-C, favorite thing at will.
For us, music is always over there.