The world first bone conduction full wireless Earphone appearance

August 10, 2020

It is L-JUN.

No, ..., the rainy season were over!
Surpassing 30 degrees is very severe day after day,

Which does everybody like in winter in the summer?
We like me both!

Then this recommended product is this!
What this form is it? That you who thought of this!
This is world's first bone conduction full wireless Earphone boco PEACE TW-1!

It is Earphone to sandwich, and to use without putting in the ear.

When cannot hear, thing sounds like outside sound well, and can listen to music well; is superior, and is thing.

We actually employed me, but are surprised to hear well!
It was the first bone conduction full wireless Earphone, but is more than expected!

As we hear outside sound, we cease to miss announcement by commuting and attending school.
As omission of sound decreases, you do not need to mind around.

Sweat and sudden rain are fine with waterproofing performance of IPX7 class. We feel safe that this sweats by jogging and exercise even if we get wet with sudden rain.
There is little worry to come off as he/she sandwiches ear well.

People made telework increase recently. When we make video conferencing in house, we hear voice of the circumference and are convenient.

Please sense new MusicLife bodily so far in bone conduction full wireless Earphone which there was not, boco PEACE TW-1!

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