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May 29, 2018

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 It becomes really hot, and summer already comes over in no time. 
 It is easy to come to need more sleep and becomes easy to fall sick in the summer when lack of sleep continues.
 Bedclothing is important to get high quality sleep even from such an intense heat!

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 We introduce "Bed of downy hair studio original" this time.

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 We choose and are typed point ① headboard.

 With cabinet type which carrying and rather famous petty person can put
 Honest flat type is available clearly!
  Head board3

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 We choose and type leg without with point ② storing or storing.

 With storing is available as storing such as Cover or bedclothing accessory of Duvet.
 In addition, leg type is easy to clean step in feeling fine; is typed.
        (as frame bottom is vacant 11.5cm, it supports Robot Cleaner.)


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 Choose; point ③ floor board.

 Preeminence air permeable by drainboard type!

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  You choose, and please choose the point ⑤ last for interior and preference of color room.

There are BRAUN color and natural color.

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  As this product sells only frame, please be careful.

This of compressing and packing recommends mattress! At the same time, please consider

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  Please spend this summer well without losing heat!

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"Futon princess" self-introduction

Princess who is interested in bedclothing pursuing "the best feeling in bed" and true "dead sleep" every day ♪ Hobby send recommended information of bedclothing!

"Futon older sister" self-introduction

15 years when we have never met using downy hair Futon! We love to sleep in downy hair Futon through one year! Enter Futon; and thing is approximately daily life ... in the morning in no time snugly ♪ ... which we introduce advantageous information of bedclothing to!

"Miss Futon" self-introduction

It is the first pleasure of now with seriousness few for princess that spread knowledge of Futon in the world♪
Time to love to sleep, and to be in Futon above all at the time of supreme bliss!
We pursue sound sleep more!