It is advantageous before becoming cold and does shopping!

September 27, 2019

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Day that heat of morning and evening disappears and is chilly is ...
There is difference of temperature, and do you not fall sick?

Today in coming season of outstanding performance Duvet today
We introduce.


Downy hair studio original noumoufutonha,
We use goose down of howaitokouda class from Poland known as superior quality in the world.
Direct import, the company is to produce and has warmth and Futon original lightness from Poland,
Special quality, price together;, "ugh, is already Futon".

As is very warm, I am one piece; as for the depth of winters well.
As we live in apartment, and, in customer, airtightness is good
We play book, and person to be hot comes by type!

Wide type that has a longer side 20cm at konoumoufuton, single size than normal single.
Without as length becomes long type having a long 20cm, step appearing even in high stature
It is available warmly.

With triple 15% of duvet, mattress, Bed Point normal point us-designated until the end of September
As it becomes, it is bargain.
Furthermore, it is encoded coupon from Friday, September 27 to Sunday, September 29 [D023518] By the use
As you are 10% off, please examine this opportunity so that there is not passing over.

As there are other a lot of bargain products From this page
You have you confirm, and please consider before tax increase.

In addition, as there is bedclothing of outstanding performance in the fall and winter in coming season, too
Please see from this.


You become cold, and please prepare not to make any being upset early suddenly.

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