Discerning downy hair Futon

September 11, 2017

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It became quite cool in the evening, and it was time when it was easy to sleep in the morning♪

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When lie with thin bedclothing, is cold in the morning; and ...
Is it not broken everybody physical condition? ?

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We make an outstanding performance today at coming time!
We tell about bargain information of "duvet"!
Original "downy hair (let's give birth) Futon" is founding large fire-sale price of the 25th anniversary!


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This store specializing in feather Futon "downy hair studio" (umoukoubo)
We use 95% of white goose down known as superior quality from Poland in discerning "downy hair (let's give birth) Futon" in the world << certificate of origin memo >>. Besides, we realize special quality, best price by direct import, the company producing from Poland.

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The best price is 39,800 yen (Tax-free) of large special price more only now.

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It is available by standard type to be usable in spring, autumn, winter in 3 seasons.
Wide & long shot size that 20cm is longer for length, the side than general single size by type that is very light, and had warmth. We fit body and we fit body even if we do roll-over and are very warm.

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Please examine this opportunity by all means so that there is not passing over♪

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"Futon princess" self-introduction

Princess who is interested in bedclothing pursuing "the best feeling in bed" and true "dead sleep" every day ♪ Hobby send recommended information of bedclothing!

"Futon older sister" self-introduction

15 years when we have never met using downy hair Futon! We love to sleep in downy hair Futon through one year! Enter Futon; and thing is approximately daily life ... in the morning in no time snugly ♪ ... which we introduce advantageous information of bedclothing to!

"Miss Futon" self-introduction

It is the first pleasure of now with seriousness few for princess that spread knowledge of Futon in the world♪
Time to love to sleep, and to be in Futon above all at the time of supreme bliss!
We pursue sound sleep more!