There is a few more to the end of the campaign!

July 31, 2020

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The rainy season is over, too!
Summer heat seems to finally come over to Kanto by fine forecast next week.

As campaign of cool towel which we introduced becomes end last month today in another three days
We will tell.

Just get wet in water, and is chilly anywhere anytime; is cool Cool towel is the purchase two pieces or more at the same time
With 10% discount Bargain. (campaign until Sunday, August 2.)

You can use in whole family if you decide own color as there are ten colors of colors☆


Besides, recommended summer clothing cool feeling bedclothing is improving the point at wakeful night.
Furthermore, 10% discount and advantageous campaign are open by the simultaneous purchase two points or more at the same time if it is our designated cool feeling bedclothing.

As, until Sunday, August 2, there is bargain campaign, You see from this, and is passing over at this bargain opportunity; please consider to be good.


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"Futon princess" self-introduction

Princess who is interested in bedclothing pursuing "the best feeling in bed" and true "dead sleep" every day ♪ Hobby send recommended information of bedclothing!

"Futon older sister" self-introduction

15 years when we have never met using downy hair Futon! We love to sleep in downy hair Futon through one year! We enter Futon, and thing almost has days ... in the morning in no time snugly ♪ ... which we introduce advantageous information of bedclothing to!

"Miss Futon" self-introduction

Pleasure that it is the best for now to spread knowledge of Futon in the world with seriousness that there is not for princess♪
When time to love to sleep, and to need in Futon is the blissful!
We further pursue sound sleep!