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Cold winter necessities! Down jacket

January 8, 2019

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 It is very cold this morning. 
 Snow mark appeared in northern one of Kanto.
 It wants to be warm in such a case in house without appearing outside,
 May opportunity of going out have many at work or school?

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 "Downy hair studio original down jacket" which can go out comfortably in such depth of winters
 We introduce.

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 It is the same as duvet and uses down of use of 95% of white goose down from Poland!
 Lightness and warmth that there is simply because we use high-quality feather.

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 And the cuffs are fastened with button and are specification that lost space where wind gets into.
 Because I have a lot of volume of neck, it is very warm when we wore,
 Of course we are water-repellent finished.

      I get on Bicycle by commuting, but am comfortable with this down jacket.
        Everybody tries, too, and please see! As it becomes in a limited quantity, to hasten!

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  As influenza begins to be prevalent, please spend time well without losing cold!

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