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New life household appliances set 2018

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New life support

All articles, national free shipping
※Only as for designation product, the designated area

We accept delivery on designation day
※Only as for designation product, the designated area

We accept our designated product recycling
※Recycling, collection porterage need

Extended warranty is available at most 10 years.
※Only as for the target product

It is BicCamera. in customers after starting new life Com supports. Refrigerator and washing machine, the most suitable product including TV when we begin one living are available.
Besides, wide assortment of goods including product to enjoy Kitchen appliances, interior goods, the Internet. Under sale popular as for the new life support set annual every year!

We look for from size that is recommended to single life

Refrigerator (100-199 liters)

Refrigerator (100-199 liters)

Two-door type is recommended. When there is more than 200L if we do convenience cooking food for oneself, we are relieved to be able to put range if top plate is heat-resistant.

Washing machine (washing: 5.0-6.0 kg)

Washing machine (washing: 5.0-6.0 kg)

5 kg is fine if we wash diligently. Capacity that is big if I do not need outside airing if dry function is with and wash in a mass is convenience.

Microwave Oven (20 liters or less)

Microwave Oven (20 liters or less)

Warm up, and hold, and Nara single plane ability is recommended. Dishes which are wide when cooking food for oneself group has oven are possible.
※Output to enjoy normal on, and to use is approximately 600W.

Rice Cookers (3.5 go or less)

Rice Cookers (3.5 go or less)

Single life is 3 gokashigi kigaosusume. We cook than thermal insulation and can store the freezing deliciously immediately. There is thing which can make cakes.

LCD television (30-44V type)

LCD television (30-44V type)

We have picture recording if it supports external HDD and are convenient. When we are used in 6-mat room, size of 32 type is recommended.

Duvet set (single)

Duvet set (single)

Complete set set that comforter, mattress, pillow have equal in a mass. Comfortable bedclothing heals body which was tired in new environment.

Bicycle (city cycle)

Bicycle (city cycle)

With gearbox, Autolite is recommended with convenience. Large size buys basket, but makes an outstanding performance.

Electronic Dictionary

Electronic Dictionary

It is not only smartphone! If it is Electronic Dictionary, we can learn right sentence. Let's use Electronic Dictionary which matched own lifestyle.

We look for household appliances from category

The points of new life preinclination are this

Point of new life preinclination

Preparations for new life! We think whether you can be swelled with expectation, but preinclination is necessary to carry in moving and furniture, household appliances smoothly.

We introduce point that we want to confirm at the time of preliminary inspection of useful building in the case of the home electric appliances purchase, import. Does viewpoint of selection of article change if we see this?

Point 1 size (import course)

"Size check of place please be careful about one, pits that yearned for so good!".
Does size of large product including Refrigerator and washing machine know one which is necessary for not only place but also confirmation of "import course" (ways from = entrance to place)? ?
※Washing machine is important to position of drainage and confirmation of shape of waterproofing bread.

Size of place is all right! But in the first place place does not have a meaning if we cannot arrive!
(if article is unexpected, there is ... that stairs do not go through only place being able to put large-scale Refrigerator of 500L class and cannot put)

In fact, ... which is not size, and does not enter such as stairs in particular (lateral square-U-shape) and door width or width of counter kitchen has many things.
When we make a preliminary inspection of building, we bring measures, and confirmation, measuring of import course is recommended.

As you heard prior estimate (free) in BicCamera , please use!

Point 2 necessary or unnecessary

It is this priority, does oneself really need? This needs confirmation by yourself.

For example, ... which lighting and Air Conditioning have been already attached to depending on building though bai ttaha was good
As we are greatly divided whether it is necessary for nado individual unit, building unit, or it is unnecessary, we confirm beforehand, and what we make list is recommended.
We think that it becomes easy to cross budget if we decide priority by confirmation and oneself of thing which is not necessary right now.

Point 3 TV place

It is TV to require attention when we decide placement of furniture and household appliances.

When TV does not link TV to antenna terminal in wall surface of room by aerial cable, TV cannot receive program. ... which dissatisfaction may come out to in the future when it is necessary to reconsider placement again when, in fact, depot which we assumed is antenna terminal and remote place and reconsiders as it is different from original thought

We do not choose place if we lengthen aerial cable, but as wiring becomes long, we are caught on some kind of time as well as appearance, and refreshing is recommended to wiring as we may be connected for worst injury and accident.
We confirm position of antenna terminal beforehand to let wiring be refreshing and can dissolve by deciding depot of TV.
We think that we image placement of furniture, household appliances roughly when we make a preliminary inspection of building, but recommend confirmation of position of antenna terminal when we put TV.

Point 4 power frequency

Power supply varies in frequency (50Hz, 60Hz) by area.

Most of home electric appliances become free Hertz (50Hz/60Hz common use),
60Hz for exclusive use of 50Hz becomes for exclusive use only for some products including single function range.

As it is necessary to choose product in power frequency matching area to live, please be careful. It is recommended to choose free Hertz if at a loss.