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At the time of pinch,
We rely.

Story 02

Grudge of ice

Mom who looks into Refrigerator hard.

"That is strange…. Well…Container of ice which mom loves is thrown away when we look in trash box "incidentally. Daddy seems to have eaten for last night in secret somehow. We attach anger mark to daddy who is still working, and mom sends saying "we buy ice". Daddy who came home hung bag at night. Three high quality ice which mom likes among them.

"Like vanilla; cut."

"Hmm", daddy indifferent. "But it is limitation", mom understands unwillingly for the time being as it was limited taste worried about. We decided to actually want to eat right now, but to keep for the tomorrow's pleasure when already late today.

The next day. "It was so, there was ice!" When mom opens Refrigerator as for the deleterious effects of the war, some ice cups somewhat sweat. "Hmm…? Refrigerator seems to have failed somehow uso. "Ice…"Mom cannot get ice from the day before yesterday. We buy ice hastily at convenience store nearby and do not seem to last a long time that much although we evacuated ice and perishables in air conditioner box.

This is crisis of family! Family who did this in BicCamera hastily.

Past Refrigerator was Refrigerator which we got from acquaintance, and honesty was slightly small for four families. At this chance there are many types, and the large grain has good, drinking does not somewhat really know recent Refrigerator well though we were thinking than we thought. Salesperson explains that is worried about doing what in various ways, and contribute to the fact; this! We were able to find one called this.

"Send tomorrow,
We do until setting"

"By the way, does it arrive in this, when?" As for mom who thought that "we will send tomorrow and do until setting", suffer for honesty, around one week, yokattato is relieved. We buy ice rock to put in the air conditioner and, on the way to house, make up. We want you to have until tomorrow somehow….

On the next morning, member of delivery came and installed quickly. Mom who moves ice and perishables to Refrigerator which we just bought from air conditioner box. Ice seems to be safe somehow.

In "the yesterday's present days,
Already new Refrigerator
We are surprised that there is"

Mom was able to finally get ice on that day. Daddy who looks into new Refrigerator disregarding such mom hard.

"That is strange…. Well…Cup of ice with lamb raisin which daddy loves is thrown away when we look in trash box "incidentally.

"Hmm? What is it?"

BIC SUPER setting & construction