Sell used goods;, too.
Dream of family
Buy;, too.

Story 06

The first camping

Daily work of daddy read outdoor magazine in sofa recently. "We can sleep, and this tent is not good" Daddy who blows up dream while showing mom magazine. "Sea bream for camp as for me!" As for the daddy, the eldest son has been brainwashed well. Daddy who is going to obtain camping equipment for the time being to enliven feeling though the second son is newborn and cannot go to camp immediately. It is mom saying "wasteful in what cannot go right now".

"Stingy person of mom!" Daddy says while looking at the eldest son.
"Stingy person of mom!" We return parrot and do, and the eldest son laughs.

mutto, all the Chinese chives pattern saying "is good, buy!"; mom. Daddy is surprised when we say. In fact, mom who installed application when flyer of purchase service called rakuuru entered bag when we did shopping in BicCamera during this period and tried thing. It seems to be very easy to use when we operate promptly.

The next week. Come to think of it, daddy to somewhat notice that some inside of house changed, and to doubt of. Golf Club set of daddy disappears when we see well. "That, by any chance…." "datte will not golf anymore" Mom says in a split second. There was not and seemed to have you buy in rakuuru if we threw away.

"We said that we did not surely golf anymore…"Tablet that it had not been switched on for a while was taken over incidentally. Saying "think that is reliable because seem to delete personal information properly"; mom.

As for "the personal information
We feel safe that he/she deletes"

House was refreshing, and completely give up whether, well, settle; daddy ochonchonto of mode, the eldest son to point at. Big box is placed there something or other when we look back.


There seems to be service called "purchase money" which can just do shopping with point that anything is sold and saved. Mom bought tent which daddy wanted with point that sold Golf Club and tablet.


Daddy and the eldest son who thing assembles trial and tent, and enter tent promptly. "Camping is fun!" Mom who held the second son enters tent with a rustling sound.

"We will let mom"

The first camping with family gathering was realized unexpectedly immediately.