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Story 05

Mom is careless

Mom of scatter-brain is very busy with child care of two people. Pan boils over and forgets to turn off bath and…. And we always drop smartphone. Screen is broken at last; and in bakibaki.

"We have done a again…"

Saying is saying "mom is careless"; the eldest son. When we broke before, we asked, but time has suffered from official support plenty. However, we are afraid what it is that uses unofficial mender near house. Come to think of it,.that we went for passport update this time, but there was repair support window in certain BicCamera nearby

It is thing recovered immediately"

BicCamera shop is inner here.

Repair counter had you accept window immediately at most though there was crowded image. What day does it take before we are recovered? We hear that we have we thought, but the same day cure, and, as for mom, feeling looks what good.

Mom who goes to the other floor to buy Cover to never break while we wait for repair.

Brochure named "BIC SIM" gets into eyes when we look incidentally. It seems to be bargain SIMM of BicCamera . Was interested, but do not understand bargain SIMM well; and as carrier. Salesperson that it was kind did explanation of "BIC SIM" carefully when we heard story and was able to understand well. It is advantageous, and will we change to "BIC SIM" decisively with much effort?

"a, again
We have done it…"

Way back. Mom who changes, and can make a reservation, and returns with pleasure to bargain SIMM worried about for some time. We notice that we forget update of important passport when we manage that we shall sometimes go even to nail as much as monthly pocket money increases a little bit.

"We have done a again…"
"Mom is careless"

BIC SUPER repair support