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As for the celebration of golden wedding anniversary
With point.

Story 03

Golden wedding anniversary

Day of celebration of golden wedding anniversary of grandfather and grandmother living in the outskirts of Kanagawa today. It is dinner party at restaurant of town, Yokohama where two came across. It seemed to be Yokohama that grandfather proposed in anything.

If, "a, it is said so. Saying paid money to Suica the other day; mom. We said whether we should buy flower for present, but, if I am not mistaken, Suica should have been usable if it was Hanaya of in-station stores!

Of "in-station stores
Suica is usable,
Is it good?!"

Mom who knew that we could pay BIC point that we saved when we bought household appliances at a time to Suica fully just paid money to BicCamera Suica card last time. "Can you do such a thing? Saying is doing shrewdly; as for saying is; daddy. We have you make bouquet mainly on dahlia with flower language of "thanks" in Hanaya in basement of Ikebukuro Station promptly.

"Anything as for mom, the dahlia" . Mom says while finishing "flower that grandmother likes dahlia" pi and accounting. While "let's go", and there is bright bouquet, we go to platform to Yokohama.

While looking down at beautiful town light, is meal of celebration at restaurant. It is champagne of gold appropriate for golden wedding anniversary in glass. Nature and classic memory revive for two in celebration of in Yokohama special town.

When "we think and have a lively conversation…Message card of bouquet and "thanks" of dahlia which this flower prepared for celebration. Mom hands two who seem to be embarrassed saying "please make conjugal relations better from now on". It looks like grandfather, grandmother were moved with words of daughter again, too.

"It will be couple from now on
Please get along well"

"This card,
When it is the strongest on the Internet
We seem to be said"

Grandfather and grandmother who leave their seat for restroom in place that coffee after a meal ends soon. Which "was moved with two" "can sleep. Good, it is really daddy and mom. Mom who takes out card quickly when there are not two while saying so, and is going to finish the check. It "seems to be said, "it is the strongest" on this card, Internet" mom holds out BicCamera Suica card which is famous because the points collect.

"After all, we are doing shrewdly."

BIC SUPER point program