BIC SUPER salesperson

In home
The first that we take,
Please tell.

Story 01

New family

New family came over to home. It is birth of the long-awaited second son.

It is family four people in this. When families increase, they are glad, but on the other hand mom and daddy are very busier. The eldest son who became 3 years old is in the bloom of naughtiness, and, as for the housework, slight battlefield is in a state. Washing machine is very small, and Vacuums & Floorcare is old or he/she does not readily breathe and cleans because we just use thing which we used at the time of single life each other, or does it pollute?…….

"Well, in ki in this
Let's renovate household appliances"

"Well, this let's renovate household appliances in ki", and family came over to BicCamera . At first, it is washing machine. There is not thing which we want to wash diligently, but all washes baby clothes and towel, and dries! There are many what things, too. Mom who thinks that function is with drying if we buy a new with much effort. Salesperson of woman called out incidentally when we looked at vertical washing machine which we were used to. Salesperson that you are mother.

"Drum type is recommended if we focus on drying of baby clothes!" As wind hits between laundry which drum turns in anything, and falls from the top into bottom; is soft and fluffy; seem to be finished. Salesperson introduced one of the recommendation that dry function was steady at reasonable price.

"Children are pleased if we want to just dry if it is vertical and is enough, but is soft and fluffy." Being soft surely loves the eldest son. While there was a feeling of resistance of crying what in drum ceremony, but hears story, drum-type, mind inclines.

"Well, we will have this!"

Next is large TV of the daddy heart's desire.

"We want to actually make wall-hung television…Daddy who is particular about "fashion seems to want to make wall-hung television. "But saying house is lease"; mom. Then "we put wall, and salesperson told with thing named the stands". It is stuff which can display TV on wall without TV stand suddenly even if we do not empty hole into wall. Daddy smiles for unexpected suggestion. We decided that we bought with TV.

Furthermore, saying is saying it "is popular to match smart Speaker with TV"; salesperson. Daddy who is interested, but minds eyes of mom. Then "but salesperson handed business card if there are any interest some other time" probably because he/she sympathized.

"We come alone and will hear a little this time"

"Huh, we say in this way
There are products, too"

In "home
Family new again
We came over"

"New family came over to home again". It is long-awaited household appliances this time. Washing machine which became big puts wall until drying so good, and, thanks to stands TV, living is lucid, too. As new Vacuums & Floorcare absorbed rapidly, cleaning became somewhat fun, too.

"saa, children. It is place to go!" to

BIC SUPER salesperson