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Story 04

Race competition

"Is it that? Strange……"

Rice which we should have cooked for lunch is soaking in water. After all, we cannot cook once anymore though we cooked. Rice Cookers seems to have failed somehow. Tomorrow is the first athletic meet of the eldest son. After all, we want to prepare handmade rice ball for the first athletic meet….

"Will athletic meet make sandwich?" and mom. "Bread…It is Ylla ttosuru mom for "and daddy spilling a little. As is expected, it is inconvenient that there is not Rice Cookers though slightly mean feeling wells up to will have bread every morning from tomorrow. We try to check price of Rice Cookers in site of BicCamera that we change our mind and save point for the time being.

Even if just handy Rice Cookers asks during sale and today, there seems to be thing named "the day delivery" to reach today! As there may not be, will we ask immediately? Daddy and mom whom but, as is expected, we want to look at the real thing, or the cause is troubled with while thinking of this.

When look at site of BicCamera incidentally; letter of "the Internet reservation service." We seem to have you keep curious product in shop. Saying "is relief"; daddy. Family who applied for Rice Cookers of guide to the Internet reservation service, and did in BicCamera .

Even if "we ask today
It seems to arrive today!"

If "it is messenger today,
chosokuben is recommended"

It is not very bad as we thought. In hearing story of salesperson, and buying Rice Cookers. Saying "obtain, and is unexpectedly heavy"; daddy. Saying "daddy do his best"; mom. Well, salesperson called out on seeing daddy to be unwilling about saying it was saying "chosokuben is recommended to messenger today".

It seems to be service that sends anything to home in 30 minutes at the earliest. Besides, that he/she just takes over old Rice Cookers free. Daddy and mom who worry about to whether Rice Cookers arrives earlier though we propose promptly. "Hastily kaesa nnakereba!"

"It is race competition!" The eldest son is practicing race at the first athletic meet now tomorrow. The eldest son who "get ready Don te says daddy", and starts running naturally, daddy who is upset. When we arrived at house, we fell if day was considerable. At moment when we sat down in living, chime sounds ding-dong. "We were embarrassed by baggage delivery!" When open the entrance; member of delivery with Rice Cookers.

"It is my victory!"

BIC SUPER delivery

"It is race competition!"