Art to use point well

We introduce how to save, how to use good at BIC point Kojima point Sofmap point with utilization example of customer.

Did you know? How to save, how to use smart points

Art 1 to use point well Save point by big shopping,
We buy expendable supplies, daily necessities with point

At 10,000 points to be able to get if we purchased new washing machine (100,000 yen, 10% Point), we were able to purchase detergent, softening agent for washing, spare cistern washings!
Still we use for the purchase of daily daily necessities as the points remained.

Only with point that purchased products,
We are glad that expendable supplies and daily necessities are prepared!

Art 2 to use point well Only as for the fraction of Subtotal amount of money
We use point!

We use point for fraction of payment.
When we purchase product of tax-included 19,890 yen, small change does not increase in wallet, and 890 points are convenient as the payment total sum is 19,000 yen if we use!

Point from 1 point,
It is usable as much as we like!

Art 3 to use point well When we buy at a time,
We use point that we saved for the next payment immediately!

When we purchased Hair dryer and (12,000 yen) and Shaver (9,000 yen) of husband, we purchased Hair dryer earlier and used accompanied point for payment of Shaver!
We were glad that it was usable from the day when there were the points!

It is technique to distribute the check, and to purchase!
※ Only in the case of line from reward card newcomer, we can use from the next day of grant.

Art 4 to use point well If we do shopping once in two years,
Point expiration date
It is extended!

I do not use point immediately and save all the time.
As expiration date is extended once in during two years if but we do shopping, we sometimes buy daily necessities and continue collecting steadily!
It saves when it is 100,000 points, and it is aim that buys PC!

※ Effective period of BIC point is one year on two years, expiration date of Kojima point Sofmap point.
※ If it is Sofmap Premium CLUB card member, effective period of point is two years.

It is Light Bulb in Battry that purchases once in two years, but
In toilet paper, anything is OK!
※ It is limited to product targeted for Point.

Art 5 to use point well We utilize advantageous card!

    • BicCamera  Suica card

      By BicCamera Suica card,
      The BIC points collect anytime!

    • Daily shopping uses BicCamera Suica card.
      "BIC points" collect even if we buy this card other than the BicCamera and JRE point and is advantageous very much!
      We bought game and Apple product with point that we saved.

    • Kojima X BicCamera  card

      By Kojima X BicCamera card,
      Kojima point and the palpitation point are double and stand!

    • Shopping in Kojima uses Kojima X BicCamera card.
      We add this card to "the Kojima points", and "palpitation point collects, too"!
      As we stood and can change "the palpitation point" for "Kojima point" from 1,000 points, points collect more and more!

    ※"The palpitation point" is privilege that we can change with product full of charm according to point that we saved.

    • Sofmap Premium CLUB card (credit version)

      By Sofmap Premium CLUB card (credit version),
      The Sofmap points collect anytime!

    • We use Sofmap Premium CLUB card (credit version) for payment.
      As "Sofmap point" collected even if we bought this card any place other than Sofmap, we were able to buy advantageous, new assembling parts.