BIC point mobile phone

  • Important news

    About the end of service for feature - phones (Android feature - phone is excluded)
    Date varies, but may not operate the following for each carrier.
    ・Cf. point from the BIC point mobile phone menu
    ・Withdrawal disposal of BIC point mobile phones
    We may not operate the above, but are available as reward card at store unless we change the model.
    ※When it is not available as reward card by model of errand and the situation of feh Rika tip, the registered person reissues card as reward card by having you show identity verification documents (driver's license, passport, basic resident register card) at store.
    ■Service end schedule of each carrier
    NTT DOCOMO terminal (i-mode Felica) ... January 12, 2021
    KDDI terminal (EZ FeliCa) ... October 31, 2020
    SoftBank terminal (S! FeliCa) ... October 31, 2020

    About the end of BIC point portable new registration receptionist at terminal which is lower than Android2.2 (SH-03C, T-01C, IS03, IS04)
    At terminal (SH-03C, T-01C, IS03, IS04) where is lower than Android2.2 with server recertification than Tuesday, August 28, 2018 of BIC point mobile phone cannot register newly.
    But it is just available as reward card at store after Tuesday, August 28 when we have you already register.
    ■Target terminal
    ※(★) Only in the case of the use, we cannot register model of this newly in Android2.2.
    [docomo] SH-03C, T-01C, N-04C (★)
    [au] IS03, IS04, IS05 (★)
    [SoftBank] 003SH (★), 005SH (★), DM009SH (★)

    I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding.

With BIC point mobile phone

  • BIC point mobile phone
  • "BIC point mobile phone" which "BIC Point" is available to just to shade cash register of store with smartphone.
    It is not necessary to start application and is available as "BIC reward card".
    It supports free of charge, AndroidSmartphone let alone registration.

    How to use

    • We OK mobile phone working under Mark!
    • We warm smartphone over reading machine of store cash register.

    ※It is limited to wallet mobile phone support model.
    ※It becomes service only for reward card function.

Registration method

Registration for free! We can easily register with your smartphone

Registration method at store


Bring smartphone (only in Android) and BIC reward card for wallet mobile phone to the nearest BicCamera store.
As we issue QR cord for registration at cash register, we have you read QR code with smartphone, and I would like registration.

Registration method from smartphone
(only as for nonmember 様)


You can register than the following link with smartphone. It is already BicCamera. Customer of com member (customer having login ID, password) cannot register from this link.
Sorry for your inconvenience, but I would like registration at the nearest BicCamera store.
※You cannot register from PC.

At the time of model change and trouble exchange

We will install application in new cell-phone terminal after model change newly.
As we cannot register application with two cell-phones with the same reward card number, we perform the following procedure. ※Point that he/she accumulated is succeeded in new cell-phone terminal.

When old cell-phone terminal is communicable

Bring old cell-phone terminal and BIC reward card to store in conjunction with new cell-phone terminal.
→We delete member's card of old cell-phone terminal and register application with new cell-phone terminal again.

When old cell-phone terminal cannot communicate

Bring new cell-phone terminal and BIC reward card to store.
→We reissue BIC reward card and register application with new cell-phone terminal.

Notice about "BIC point mobile phone"

※It is not available in the Internet shop "".
※After the procedure completion mentioned above, reward card you have is available so far.
※If there is not BIC reward card at hand, take identity verification documents such as driver's license, passport, basic resident register card (please inquire for other identity verification documents.)
※FeliCa is technical method of contactless smart card which SONY Corporation developed.
※FeliCa is registered trademark of SONY Corporation.