We introduce credit card, bank card, payment method used well including the electronic money mobile settlement in detail.

By payment for cash, it is basics

Credit card
Credit card

You can use various credit cards in BicCamera .
Basics 10% Point which BicCamera group credit card has the same as cash!
8% of other cards become Point.

※ Selectable number of payments varies according to credit company, credit cards you have. ※ Please confirm in the summer in card issuance company as period of use of bonus payment varies according to credit cards you have in winter. ※ Credit card "Keio passport card" of Keio is available in BicCamera Tachikawa Store, JR Hachioji Station Store, Seiseki-Sakuragaoka Station store, Keio Chofu store.

The electronic money mobile settlement
Electronic money ・
The mobile settlement

The mobile settlement such as pro-traffic electronic money, PayPay such as Suica, LINE Pay is available.

  • Available electronic money

    Basics same as cash

    We can charge
    • Suica


    • PASMO


    • Kitaca


    • toica


    • manaca


    • ICOCA


    • SUGOCA


    • nimoca


    • We do not run already

      We do not run already

    • WAON


    • nanaco ※1

      nanaco ※1

    • Rakuten Edy ※2

      Rakuten Edy ※2

    • HIROCA/ dream ※4

      HIROCA/ dream ※4

    • iD ※Mel pay is usable in 3iD, too

      iD ※3
      Mel pay is usable in iD, too

    • QUICPay


    ※ PiTaPa shopping is not available. ※You cannot use 1 electronic money [Nanako] in Yokohama VIVRE Outlet Store. Store Location ※We use only 2 Edy settlement together to five pieces because of one gathering meter and are available (in the case of electronic money except Edy, the number of sheets that we can use for one check becomes to one piece). ※We can do shopping using cell-phone ("wallet cellular phone" of NTT DOCOMO) which registered card information of 3 iD. Like the credit card use, point rate falls by 2% (in the case of 10% point product, it becomes 8%). (as for the details of iD from this) ※4 electronic money Hiroca and dream are available only in Hiroshima Station Store.
    ・When purchase amounts of money exceed the amount of charge of one piece of electronic money, please pay the balance in method except electronic money.
    ・In the case of combination, the electronic money settlement becomes point by electronic money and other payment methods (payment amount of money of electronic money we cannot appoint).
    ・※We cannot use iD, the QUICPay settlement together with credit card bar-code, the QR settlement, other electronic money.
  • Available
    The mobile settlement

    Bar-code, the QR settlement
    • PayPay


    • LINE Pay

      LINE Pay

    • d payment

      d payment

    • au PAY

      au PAY

    • Rakuten Pay

      Rakuten Pay

    • J-Coin Pay

      J-Coin Pay

    • shifutakara (ALIPAY)

      shifutakara (ALIPAY)

    • WeChat Pay (we Chat pay)

      WeChat Pay
      (we Chat pay)

    • Naver Pay (neibapei)

      Naver Pay

    • Mel pay

      Mel pay

    ※ Bar-code, the QR settlement can use only cash, gift certificate, gold note together.
    • Google Pay
      It is usable in BicCamera group

      Google Pay

      Point rate varies according to registered payment methods.

    • We are easily safe in shop in Apple Pay,
      We can pay

      Apple Pay

      Point rate varies according to registered payment methods.

      We become able to pay if we use iPhone after seven and Apple Pay after Apple Watch Series 2 while easily protecting privacy safely in shop. How to use Apple Pay is simple, and device which you do not part with every day changes wallet ※1. Point rate varies according to registered payment methods.

      ※1 Apple Pay functions at iPhone after seven sold in Japan, Apple Watch Series after two and store.
      iOS after 10.1 are necessary to use Apple Pay.
      ™and © 2016 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
      Apple, logo of Apple, Apple Pay, iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc.
      Trademark of iPhone is used based on license of AIPHONE Co., Ltd.

      Because it is the QUICPay (quick pay) settlement when you register "BicCamera Suica card" which view card issues in BicCamera Kojima Sofmap with Apple Pay and are expected to pay in Apple Pay, please note that it is not in BIC Point of the cash same percentage (when you are expected to pay by credit card of BicCamera Suica card, it becomes BIC Point of the cash same percentage). In addition, please be careful as electronic money Suica equipped with by BicCamera Suica card cannot enroll in Apple Pay.

Bank card debit card
Bank card ・
Debit card

  • Basics same as cash

    ・It is OK just to push password in the check at cash register. It does not take interest rate and fee at all.
    ・We can do shopping using bank card of most financial institutions.
    ・Without carrying cash; big; can do shopping.

  • Basics8%Point

    JCB debit Visa debit

Payment in installments of BIC
Payment in installments of BIC

Even if there is not card, it is OK separately! If it is our designated product, we accept at no interest rate until up to 60 times of payment in installments.
※ Outlet article, Display items disposal article to up to 12 times

We accept at no interest rate to our up to 60 times of designated products.
It is available in the Internet shop It is available in the Internet shop

▼Application of campaign of from Tuesday, September 1 to Wednesday, September 30 is this during the purchase period

  • Contents

    Payment in installments is no interest rate to up to 60 times!

    ※ Outlet product, Display items disposal article becomes up to 12 times
  • Target store
    BicCamera all the stores ※ Conditions are different in the Internet shop. For more information:
  • Target product

    ・Air Conditioning, Refrigerator, washing machines, TV Massage Chair, us-designated Cameras tax-included 200,000 yen or more: To up to 60 times
    ・It is all articles total tax-included 100,000 yen or more: To up to 36 times
    ・It is all articles total tax-included 50,000 yen or more: To up to 12 times
    ・It is all articles total tax-included 20,000 yen or more: To up to six times
    ・It is all articles total tax-included 10,000 yen or more: To up to three times

    ※ We pay at existence interest rate other than the target product mentioned above separately and accept.
    ※ Outlet product, Display items disposal article becomes to up to 12 times.
    ※ Part of expendable supplies nominado excluded Case is only for drink, food, labor. For more details, ask to store salesperson.
  • Payment method

    Orico shopping loan

  • Time in

    We propose examination of the day, and it is said that procedure is to thing completed at 20:45.
    ※It becomes examination of the next day about application procedure completion minute after 20:45.

※ Contents of service are different from the Internet shop.
※ We may change target product without notice.
※ The number of times of payment can be chosen.
※ We accept winter bonus payment summer!
※ The payment upper limit number of times varies according to payment amount of money, products.
※ Down payment includes the upper limit. ※ Mac upgrading program, JACCS application for Sofmap, the purchase in EC site are inapplicable.
※ The payment upper limit number of times varies according to payment amount of money, products.
※ We remove maker production end article, some products.
※ Down payment includes the upper limit.
※ In the case of no interest rate loan application, point grant rate becomes 1%. For more details, ask salesperson.
※ This campaign is campaign that BIC CAMERA INC. hosts and does not stop at Apple Inc., Apple Japan combination company.


BicCamera all the stores and BicCamera. bitcoin is usable in com!
Bitcoin can be used for payment at all BicCamera stores.

Basics same as cash

About favorable reception, we considerably raised the amount of use upper limit 300,000 yen in 1 cashier until minute!
Bitcoin can be used at most 300,000 yen at a time.

※ The Internet shop BicCamera. In com, order amount of money is available for shopping to 100,000 yen (tax-included).

It is available at some stores of Kojima Sofmap.

※ Stores specializing in Kojima X BicCamera Kashiwa Store, in-shop in Shizuoka store and Apple repair services remove some stores. ※ Account opening in exchange is necessary for the use. ※ It may take remittance fee of number 100 - several thousand yen separately (it varies according to used exchanges). ※ I suffer from the following cases reception desk error and may return Bitcoin later from binary digit fryer company after confirming payment.
① When setting of remittance fee is low by the use of bitFlyer wallet "igai"
② When wallet generating special payment is used
③ When remittance processing cannot identify the delay receipt of money by the situation such as used exchange, wallet application

Gift certificate, gift card
Gift certificate, gift card

It is available in BicCamera group all the stores.

  • Basics8%Point

    Other gift cards

    • JCS
    • VISA
    • DC
    • UC
    • Diners Club
    • NICOS
    • UFJ
    • byu gift certificate
    • JCB

    Various local government gift certificates are available. Please refer to the use store.
    ※ Target store may be limited, and thank you for your understanding.

※ BIC gift certificate, BicCamera gift card becomes 10% of basic Point with BIC reward card. ※ In the case of the use, it becomes Point of basic 8% with BIC reward card with gift card, byu gift certificate. ※ BicCamera gift certificate is available in each BicCamera shop except the Internet shop, each Kojima shop, each Sofmap shop. ※ BicCamera gift card is not available in the Internet shop "". ※ Department store gift certificate common throughout the whole country is not available.

Other payment methods

  • Basics same as cash

    Purchase money

    Purchase money

    You can pay "even BIC purchase money" which you received at the time of purchase.

  • Basics same as cash

    Cash on delivery delivery

    Cash on delivery delivery

    You can pay the price for products and exchange on delivery date of designation.

    ※ It takes delivery charges and COD fee.
    ※ Cash on delivery delivery becomes only us-designated area. For details, please refer to each store.
    ※ Point grant takes 4 weeks until grant only at the time of visit from two weeks
  • Basics8%Point

    Prepaid card

    Prepaid card

    "au PAY prepaid card" feels Ponta point whenever we do shopping in Mastercard (R) participation shop. Point that we saved charges to au PAY prepaid card and is available for the next shopping.

  • Overseas card

    ginren card/Taiwan finance card/Korean local card/new Korea card

    Overseas card is available partly, too.

  • Bank transfer

    Bank transfer

    Please feel free to contact to store salesperson.

    ※ It is the outside targeted for Point.