BicCamera gift card

[NEW] The Internet shop BicCamera. Even com came to be available. Usage is this

For celebration, present of marriage, employment, birthday…Do you not give heartfelt "gift card?"
We can charge amount of money you like and are most suitable for present and gift in return, thanks with recharge type which can receive money repeatedly. We can easily confirm the balance from the Internet.

BicCamera gift card is most suitable for present

To such a present
How about?

  • Of marriage, childbirth
    For celebration, thanks

    For marriage, celebration, thanks for childbirth

    (e.g.) 3,000 yen to 50 people as thanks

  • Entrance to school of child,
    In celebration of birthday

    In celebration of entrance to school, birthday of child

    (e.g.) 30,000 yen share in celebration of high school entrance to school

  • Of everyday thanks
    For thanks

    For thanks for everyday thanks

    (e.g.) 5,000 yen share in present of Mother's Day, Father's Day

  • Such as golf competitions
    To prize

    To prizes such as golf competitions

    (e.g.) 50,000 yen share to championship prize of meeting

Characteristic of six BicCamera gift cards

BicCamera gift card is each BicCamera store, Kojima all the stores, Sofmap all the storesIt is available in this.
We accept issuance at BicCamera store.
Cash and basic 10% Point of the same percentage do payment in gift card.
※ It is not available in the Internet shop "Kojima net" "Sofmap dot-com". ※ Terms are indicated for the use of BicCamera gift card. Please confirm Terms of Use from this.

  • Characteristic 1Two kinds of designs

    Two kinds of designs

    Design can be chosen from two kinds to be available by various uses.

  • Characteristic 2We charge amount of money you like

    We charge amount of money you like

    From range 1,000 yen - 100,000 yen or less, we can set by 1,000 yen unit.

  • Characteristic 3Effective period is three years from the for the last time use day

    Effective period is three years from the for the last time use day

    Expiration date is extended by using gift card. Let alone the receipt of money and shopping, expiration date is extended by balance inquiry.

  • Characteristic 4Making of order card (original card)

    Making of order card (original card)

    You can make from one piece, and please prepare for photograph and illustration. Processing charges (110 yen (tax-included)/Sheet) are needed separately.
    ※ We accept at Yurakucho Store the second floor of the basement photograph print corner. ※ We handle thing of contents against photograph and design, public order and morals that might violate copyright, and there is not.

  • Characteristic 5Balance inquiry is possible from cell-phone

    Balance inquiry is possible from cell-phone

    Using QR cord on the back of the card, we can confirm the balance from cell-phone. Input of "card number" and "PIN number" is necessary at the time of login. ※ As for PIN number, it is customized scratch. Four digits of numbers appear when we sharpen with coins lightly. As you can sharpen to number when you strongly sharpen, please be careful.

  • Characteristic 6Recharge type which can receive money repeatedly again and again

    Recharge type which can receive money repeatedly again and again

    Charge is possible at cash register of each BicCamera all the stores, Kojima all the stores, Sofmap storewide store. ※ To card which cut of expiration date cannot receive money.
    ※ The Internet shop "Kojima net" "Sofmap dot-com" is excluded.

Gift card lapping

We prepare for wrapping of nice gift card in present.

  • Bag

    Put in the exclusive bag
    I hand (free)

Store which is available for the BicCamera gift card use

Confirmation method of the use balance

You are listed in receipt at the time of shopping and can confirm the use balance by the following methods.

  • From the Internet

    Please confirm from balance inquiry screen.

  • From BicCamera store

    Please order to salesperson.

  • From card back side QR cord

    Please access from card back side QR cord to balance inquiry screen.


  • Which store do you handle BicCamera gift card at?
    We handle at all BicCamera stores. (※ net shop "" is excluded.)
  • Is it usable in the Internet shop?
    The Internet shop BicCamera. Even com is available. It is this about usage.
  • Please tell about charge to BicCamera gift card.
    The receipt of money can charge by 1,000 yen unit to 1,000 yen - 100,000 yen repeatedly. In addition, we accept charge only in cash.
  • What kind of product can you purchase?
    It is available to product to sell at BicCamera store. But the purchase, repair of gift certificate accept, and they accept, and, down payment of time, order for products is down payment at time, and they are not available.
  • Can you summarize the balance of plural gift cards in one piece?
    We cannot do it.
  • Do we want to confirm the card balance?
    You are displayed by receipt and can confirm the card balance from store and homepage, QR cord on the back of the gift card. When the balance is confirmed from homepage or QR cord, card number and PIN number are necessary. We can confirm PIN number by having you rub scratch processing part of the card back side lower right with coins lightly. Number reduce when you strongly rub, and please be careful as you cannot make out.
  • Please tell about expiration date of card.
    It is three years from the last use day. It is extended by charge, the use, balance inquiry. Card that it was past expiration date becomes invalid with or without the balance and cannot refund the balance.
  • When you lose card or you encounter theft, will you do refund and reissue?
    We cannot reissue. When we are tampered when we encounter theft when we lose card, we do not do breakdown, refund, reissue of card.
  • Can you realize card?
    Realization, refund of charged card are not possible at all once.