Delivery, setting service to convenience

We prepare for delivery to convenience of customer, setting service.

Delivery designated at the same day, the next day, time

We can appoint date, time you like from the day of the shortest. ※Only as for the designated area

  • Delivery designated in delivery date, time

    Delivery designated in delivery date, time

    Delivery date, delivery time you like is available free. Please order to salesperson at the time of the product purchase.
    BicCamera. Delivery after 22:00 when com is convenient is available.

  • Possibility designated as for the delivery with setting work at time

    Possibility designated as for the delivery with setting work at time

    Time can appoint delivery needing installation including Refrigerator, washing machine, TV free.

    ※ We may not send by traffic condition before time you like.
    ※ Time zone when can be specified may vary according to the destination.

Flight good at time

For surprise to busy person, important person!

  • Target area
    ・Kanto area (our designated area of Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa, Ibaraki)
  • Notice
    ●By traffic conditions, we may not attach at delivery time you like. In that case, we refund designated rate at time.
    ●We accept simple installation of Refrigerator, washing machine, TV. ●It can be specified between from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    ●We cannot accept delivery the next day the same day. (when it is in stock, we can accept from delivery of middle 1st from date of purchase.)
    ●When delivery contents including address change have change by convenience of customer, we may not send on the hoped date and time.
    ●In the case of absence, we cannot accept redistribution of the day and refund at designated time.

Furniture, household appliances transference

I carry furniture, household appliances in equivalence site at the time of delivery.

Furniture, household appliances transference Furniture, household appliances transference
※Basic transference work is limited in customer's house equivalence site. ※+1,080 yen produces free of charge, higher than the third floor for each hierarchy to stairs going up and down the second floor. ※It is limited to portable product in two people (acceptable size is 430 cm or less in three sides lower than 110 kg). Please take out the contents of furniture, household appliances beforehand.

Bulk buying delivery

Bulk buying delivery Bulk buying delivery
※Cost of delivery varies according to areas. For more details, ask salesperson.

Delivery completion news

It is recommended to arrival confirmation of present! We will tell about arrival, setting completion of products by telephone or email.

Delivery completion news Delivery completion news
※When there is setting, it is limited. ※This service is not applicable to delivery only for delivery. It becomes notification after installation of products was completed. In the case of email reception to mobile phone, domain cancellation from PC email is necessary. We cannot accept combination with service the next day the same day.

Lady's reliable Pack

Even woman of single life is reliable! The woman staff goes together and does delivery, installation of products.

Lady's reliable Pack Lady's reliable Pack
※Recipient is woman-limited service. ※Setting is possible. ※We cannot accept the same day, next-day delivery. ※The basic male staff performs product installation, and the woman staff becomes delivery assistance
※Service contents may be changed without notice. Thank you for your understanding beforehand