Please cooperate with recycling of rechargeable battery

We perform recycling of "used small rechargeable battery" made of rare metals.
Put used rechargeable battery in "small rechargeable battery recycling BOX" of setting in BicCamera Kojima Sofmap shop.

Battry which is targeted for recycling

As for the Battry for recycling, the following mark is mark

  • nikado


    Nickel-cadmium battery, closed mold Ni-Cd

  • NiMH


    Charge-type NiMH storage battery, NiMH storage battery

  • Lithium ion

    Lithium ion

    Lithium ion storage battery, Li - ion, lithium ion

An example of collection item

Place "only used small rechargeable battery" in "small rechargeable battery recycling BOX" in shop.

  • Cell-phone, smartphone

  • Mobile battery

  • Digital Camera

  • Video Camera

  • Note PC

  • Cordless telephone

  • Cleaner

  • Radio control

  • Electric tool

  • Electric assist Bicycle

  • Other products