"We are available" is glad

BIC SUPER service

As for the cashless settlement to be advantageous, and to be able to buy,
Payment in installments not to cost interest rate fee is available.

Do you receive baggage at home?
We are available on the way home whether you receive at convenience store nearby.

Do you keep PC sleeping in house intact?
We are available whether you have you buy highly decisively.

We can choose to restore important photograph which has burst.

We are glad when "available".
By service more than 100 to snuggle up to living,
You seem to be able to think so to each person's customer
BIC SUPER service continues developing from now on.

We are surprised to know.
We use and smile.

As for the service to be surprised at without thinking that "there is such a thing,"
As for the service to smile without thinking, "it was good that we use."
We solve "we were in trouble" of living of each customer.
That is "BIC SUPER service".