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  • We accept recycling of PC, small size household appliances

BicCamera  group PC, small household appliances recyclingPC, small household appliances recycling

How to reserve online?

We collect from one 1,958 yen (tax-included) home by home delivery even if we put only anything in the box. [open throughout the year] [the shortest next day] [the desired date and time] [400 items or more]

Flow of the use ticket

(※ 1): Product more than established size (in packing state three sides of 160cm, less than 30 kilos) is excluded.

We handle safely in authorized factory of country. In factory which Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry authorized, security management, appropriate process is performed and is recycled.

※From remote island cannot collect.
※As for the application, personal name, collection become only from personal house.
※Preparation for box is in customers, please.

Collection item

PC, cell-phone, video, audio system, Kitchen appliances, 400 items or more including life household appliances are objects.
It is the same rate if we enter box even if we pay several points.

  • The PC body

  • Computer Peripherals
    ※We include monitor, Printer

  • Cell-phone, communications equipment

  • Cameras

  • Game console

  • Electronic music instrument

  • Acoustic equipment

  • Video equipment

  • Car navigation system car audio

  • Kitchen appliances

  • Life household appliances

  • Others

We cannot collect the following products.
・TV, Refrigerator, washing machine/dryer, household appliances four items of Air Conditioning
※About monitor listed in maker catalogue as TV, it becomes out of collection object
・Product (stoves) which uses kerosene, oil
・Product more than established size (in packing state three sides of 160cm, less than 30 kilos)
・Product which was for business use, and was used

Small household appliances Law for the Promotion of Utilization of Recycled Resources starts.

PC data erasing service

And worried person, PC that it is troublesome to work by oneself recommend to broken. As "data erasing certificate" is issued by entrusting you as for the removal work, we are very reliable and are easy. It is the most popular optional service.

※When it is hoped, there is need to have you choose our option by "procedures such as the collection date and time" beforehand.

Optional rate one 3,300 yen (tax-included)

Please pay optional rate to driver of Sagawa Express which heard from collection in cash.

ReMet.jp smile Eco program


Is it necessary to delete data entering mongo by oneself?
Please remove data including personal information in you.
The PC body can use "safe removal service to entrust you".
After the collection, Lynette performs data erasing work and is service to issue removal certificate.
→Security removal service to entrust you is this
It is broken, and can parts collect product such as being absent trouble?
Target collection item is retrievable.
Can you change application contents?
After the application, we cannot accept change of box number, safe removal service to entrust you.
※When the number of the boxes to collect, PC number increases, apply newly.
We would like change of collection day, time from my page.
Corrugated fiberboard to pack seems to exceed prescribed size (three sides of Subtotal 160cm, 30 kilos).
When we exceed prescribed size, we cannot collect. We distribute box, and I would like application.
※When we exceed prescribed size, we may perform additional request later.
Is return of goods, cancel possible?
In property of the use ticket, return of goods, refund after the purchase is not possible. In addition, mongo cannot return mongo after the collection because handling of resolution is carried out in recycling factory.