BicCamera. It was more convenient and became easy to use com!

Shopping site of BicCamera was updated and became easy to use by simple design clearly.

We can confirm history of buying of shop!

Purchase history at store

The purchase of product supporting from history of net is possible shop

History of buying is available for - confirmation for 2,012 years!
We can purchase supporting expendable supplies and Accessory.

We confirm history of buying

Point history

Point history

Shop was net and became able to confirm point history of product which we purchased.

We confirm point history

Redirection information

Delivery situation confirmation of the store purchase

Confirmation of redirection information of product which we purchased in net and change receptionist of delivery date are possible shop

We can change on delivery date to schedule.

※Change of delivery date becomes later schedule from date decided at the time of the purchase.
※Only as for the delivery (when import, setting is necessary, cannot change)

Delivery Get Info

Product review

Product review

We write, and review of product which we purchased in net is presented up to 1,000 points shop!

We present BIC point according to purchased amount when we have you write review of product which you purchased!

※Point present becomes up to 1,000 points by the purchase more than 1 million yen (tax-included).
※Products more than 200 yen (tax-included) apply.

We write review

About review, it is this

Long-term guarantee participation situation inquiry

Confirmation of long-term guarantee

Guarantee participation day of product which we purchased in net can confirm shop

Even if guarantee participation receipt is not found, we can confirm from application.

We confirm long-term guarantee

What is long-term guarantee service?

Shop limited electronic receipt

Electronic receipt

We computerize receipt and do shopping smartly!

Receipt is not issued when we push button "dispensing with receipt". We can confirm history of buying on application.

※We can issue paper receipt at purchase store. (less than three months)
※Privilege information (receipt coupon) is not issued.
※Paper receipt is issued in Kojima, Sofmap.

List of desired things

List of desired things

Product which became inexpensive in list of desired things became plain.

We confirm desired thing list

BicCamera. which becomes more and more convenient in future Please expect in com.