Do not leave from zero; comeDo not leave from zero; come; base rate is 0 yen! Therefore, as for the sub-quantity rate, complete fixation is advantageous throughout the life as much as we used if we use!

Area another one Base rate 0 yen plan!

Kanto area is chosen now

Hokkaido area: Hokkaido
Northeastern area: Aomori Iwate Miyagi Akita Yamagata Fukushima Niigata
Kanto area: Tokyo Kanagawa Chiba Saitama Ibaraki Tochigi Gunma Yamanashi Shizuoka (Fujikawa and to the east)
Hokuriku area: Toyama Ishikawa Fukui
The central part area: Aichi Mie Gifu Nagano Shizuoka (Fujikawa and to the west)
Kansai area: Kyoto Osaka Shiga Hyogo Nara Wakayama
Shikoku area: Tokushima Kochi Ehime Kagawa
Chinese area: Hiroshima Okayama Tottori Shimane Yamaguchi
Kyushu area: Fukuoka Saga Nagasaki Kumamoto Oita Miyazaki Kagoshima
Okinawa area: Okinawa

Please choose house ino area

※Please refer to the following table for house ino area.

Hokkaido prefecture
Tokyo/Kanagawa/Chiba/Saitama/Ibaraki/Tochigi/Gunma/Yamanashi/Shizuoka (Fujikawa and to the east)
The central part
Aichi/Mie/Gifu/Nagano/Shizuoka (Fujikawa and to the west)

Even if do not leave from zero, coming uses only anything
Plan of 26.4 yen/kWh!

Do not leave from zero, coming provides by simple plan of "base rate zero" + "sub-quantity charges Kinichi law 26.4 yen"! As it is "flat 26.4 yen/kWh", sub-quantity rate is simple, and it is the same until now, and it can use electricity regardless of contract amperage and electric consumption clearly.

Advantageous ga increases so as to go together!

About 689,570 yen is advantageous throughout life!

  • Comparison with Tokyo Electric Power energy partner "sub-quantity light B." We estimate using home average monthly consumption (our investigation).

Electric bill comparison

As electricity uses valid gen rizutto, let's choose with long i eyes

As far as electricity is valid
Let's choose with long i eyes because we use zutto

Electricity bill improves according to monthly base rate and contract amperage, electric consumption progressively in general electric company. Do not leave from zero; as much as came, and used electricity bill as sub-quantity rate was 26.4 yen for Nara, base rate 0 yen.

  • It costs the amount of adjustment and reproduction energy generation promotion levy gold such as fuel cost separately.

Fee structure (Kanto area) ※1

As for any contract ampere, it is 0 yen base rate all the time!

  • ※1 Kanto area () from), Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Tochigi, Gunma, Ibaraki, Yamanashi except Tokyo (island area, Shizuoka (Fujikawa and to the east)
  • ※It costs the amount of adjustment and reproduction energy generation promotion levy gold such as fuel cost 2 separately. Calculation method varies according to companies. (rate is tax-included amount of money.)
  • ※At 32,020 years June, our investigation.

If families increase for each life stage, advantageous mo increases!

  • The above just becomes electric bill example and may vary according to the use situation.
  • The amount of fuel adjustment and renewable energy generation promotion charge do not include in rate.
  • Rate is all tax-included.

We change, and procedure takes only 5 minutes!
30 seconds when in comparison with electricity bill of now stood!

Simple rate simulation is this!

As for both newcomer and the change, procedure is a minimum period of five minutes!

In fact, we do not need simple trouble even if both newcomer and transfer get contract.
After the application, as for the procedure about contract, leave it to me.
"It does not leave from zero comes" from application in about one month and becomes able to use ogo!

Two only in the one necessary for new contract!

"Driver's license" + "credit card"

Change expense from the present electric power company is 0 yen, too!

Announcement of consumption electric at the time of change
(bills) may be necessary.

<application in WEB>

Under Web application acceptance!

<application at store>

(the point of 2020/06/10)

It is 3 steps only until the use application in a minimum period of five minutes

STEP1 application

Input of customer information
(around five minutes)

Icon: PC/smartphone

Information necessary for application "only as for "driver's license" and the credit card!" ※1 has you prepare for required document at hand, and, at first, you feel free to contact, and apply. ※At the time of change, announcement of electric consumption (bills) may be necessary.

About two weeks About two weeks

STEP2 contract completion

Change procedures
All zero!

Attendance unnecessary, additional documents unnecessary, contact unnecessary

If we confirm application contents, required document, and contract is completed, we wait afterward! As for the procedure about contract change, leave it to me.

About two weeks About two weeks

The STEP3 use start


It is available from application in about one month. As it becomes start to timeliness of inspection of a meter, I will inform about the details separately.

  • Only contractor or family lived together is available for 1 application.

Do not leave from zero; come
Terms of Use

Service offer area Nationwide (some isolated islands are excluded)
※We supply from August 1 and, about Okinawa Electric Power area, start advance reservation start from June 10
Correspondence amperage Home electricity (ampere /kVA contract)
Application method WEB reception desk, store reception desk
Payment Fund transfer, credit card

Do not leave from zero; come

Do not leave from zero; arrive to come

Why can you sell electricity cheaply?

We utilize the Internet and think about becoming paperless and reduction to maximum customer and realize low rate.

Does electric bill become cheaper in anyone?

Depending on current contract contents of customer, we may not anticipate reduction of electric bill. Particularly, person whom IH cooking heater and electric hot water supply device are used for, please confirm contract contents once again.

Do electric quality or the blackout number of times not change?

As power transmission and distribution network to use does not change after having changed electric power company of the purchase either, as for the change, there are none in electric quality.
In addition, it is to set up where the local public power transmission and distribution company (Tokyo Electric Power power grid and Kansai Electric Power) concerned supply the deficit, and the blackout number of times may not increase by any chance even if there is trouble in power station which we contract.

Where is contact information when blackout and trouble including short circuit occurred?

Please refer to each local general power transmission and distribution company.
※Any contract with company does not change
Tokyo Electric Power power grid:
Kansai Electric Power:

Is it not Tokyo Electric Power?

"It does not leave from zero comes", and o TEPCO life service to provide is group company of Tokyo Electric Power HD.

About application, contract

When "it does not leave from zero comes" and is similar and wants to be crowded, what should I do?

We accept in application from WEB or BicCamera Ikebukuro Main Store, Yurakucho, the Shinjuku west exit, BICQLO the fifth floor, Tachikawa, Lazona Kawasaki Store the fourth floor, Fujisawa, Namba Store.
※Application from WEB from this

"It does not leave from zero comes", and how long do you become able to use o?

It varies according to inspection of a meter days of customer, but it takes around one month from application to beginning to use from two weeks.

When they change electric contract, do expense and blackout occur?

Expense that it costs for procedure is free.
Exchange construction to smart meter will produce customer whom analog meter is installed in partly, but, as for the construction cost, blackout will not occur free, too. (diffusion rate of smart meter is higher than 50% nationwide, and it becomes expected that installation to all houses is completed in Tokyo area by the end of 2020.)

What should construction and procedure when we change ampere breaker for electric installation do?

This inquiry form, please contact us.

We propose to set with gas, how does contract of gas turn out now?

Contract with current counterparty is continued.

We move in new house by moving. Can you accept?

Receivable. But the following cases may have you do cancellation or re-application after the reception desk.
・The electricity use start date (scheduled entering date) is undetermined
・Period until the electricity use start date is less than nine days
・Supply point address is undetermined
・Supply ex-chief priest place is out of area

About payment, request

What does payment method of monthly electric bill have?

It becomes fund transfer or payment by credit card.

When does bill arrive?

We will tell about billing information of electric bill every month in my page by fourth ... six business days. We do not do news by mail.
※With business day, we place Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and weekdays except 12/29-1/3.

What is the amount of adjustment such as fuel cost?

Adjustment such as fuel cost is structure letting electric bill reflect change of transaction price of price of crude oil, LNG (liquefied natural gas), coal which is fuel of thermal power generation and Japanese wholesale electricity exchange (JEPX).
You can confirm the amount of adjustment such as fuel cost than the details of electric bill from our my page.

What is renewable energy generation promotion levy gold?

For the purpose of improvement of energy self-sufficiency ratio, global warming measures, industrial upbringing, it is amount of money to have you bear toward all using electricity. For more details, please confirm WEB site of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Agency for Natural Resource and Energy.
Assent! Renewable energy fixed price wholesale purchase system:

After having changed electric power company, can you get atomic energy location benefit?

We can receive for paid benefit for location of nuclear power plant as before regardless of electric power company of the purchase. We provide information of target customer to "power supply area promotion center" from us, and benefit is issued by the center.

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