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Indication based on "Specified Commercial Transactions Law" (mail order)

Indication based on "Specified Commercial Transactions Law" (mail order)

Based on "Specified Commercial Transactions Law" (the old door-to-door sales method) mail order (advertisement about mail order) Article 11, we state below clearly.

Distributor BIC CAMERA INC.
Administration unification person in charge Yusuke Okumura
The administration business person in charge Kentaro Komatsu
The location 〒171-0033 3-23-23, Takada, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone number From 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (in the case of the use, please use 03-5985-7000 by international calls from ※ IP telephone (), foreign countries) always 0570-06-7000 [pay] without holiday
Sales price We publish in every product
It is no other than the product price
Necessary rate
Fees at the time of consumption tax / delivery to home fee / construction rate / recycling rate / payment
Means of payment Bank transfer / mail transfer / credit settlement / convenience store settlement / C.O.D. / net bank, ATM payment / shopping loan (Orico Web credit)
※Other than the C.O.D., it becomes product arrangement after receipt of money confirmation. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
Delivery time of product After receipt of money confirmation, it is ... less than ten days the next day.
※We may have delivery date more than ten days depending on product. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
Correspondence of returned goods In the case of error of initial defectiveness (after arrival less than eight days) and delivery, we make exchange (some products repair).
  • In the case of return by initial defectiveness, shipment rate should be our burden.
  • In the case of return by circumstances of visitor, delivery charges should be burdens on visitor. Specifically, please see "cancellation, returned goods" of general guidance.
  • I would like notification beforehand by all means to our " support center" to perform procedure, confirmation quickly when return of goods is hoped for. Please note that you may not accept product which you do not have of notification beforehand.
The due date

It is one week after application
(when we cannot confirm the receipt of money, it should be cancellation handling)

Deadline for returned goods It is less than eight days after arrival of product
Such as high managed care apparatuses
Dealership permission number
The 4301160800005th (Tokyo)
Medical equipment sale manager Hiroyuki Sasaki (pipe 25712th)

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