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BicCamera. Com Terms of Use

BicCamera. Com Terms of Use

Chapter 1 basic rule

Article 1 basic rule

BIC CAMERA INC. (called "us" as follows.) establishes this agreement as Terms of Use of service (called "this service" as follows.) that we offer to member, visitor except member or other users (called "user" as follows.) in website "" to run on the Internet (called "this site" as follows.).

Range and change of Article 2 agreement

  1. This protocol is applied to all users that this site is used. When this site was used, it is considered that it is agreed to this protocol, and user was consented to.
  2. Individual rule that we prescribe separately, additional rule we post at any time in this site or to notify of constitute a part of this agreement. In addition, individual rule or additional rule gives priority to and is applied when individual rule or additional rule contradicts this protocol.
  3. We may change this protocol as needed. In this case we announce agreement after change by method to judge that we are suitable. When this site was used, user considers that it is agreed to the change concerned, and user was consented to after change.

The use of Article 3 book service

  1. We offer this service to user accessed by Japan.
  2. As a general rule, user assumes one 18 years or older. One younger than 18 years needs agreement of protector.
  3. User uses this site according to this protocol.
  4. We shall take all responsibility about information to send to through this site, and user must not give no nuisance or damage for us.
  5. When or user causes annoying damage for this site or other users in conjunction with the use of this site or when you produce dispute, the user concerned shall solve problem, the damage, dispute to suffer from by expense and responsibility of self and must not give us any nuisance or damage.

Article 4 copyrights

  1. It is property of us or contents provider, and all contents (we say letter, graphic, logo, icon, image, thing downloaded in digital format, edited data, software and are not limited to these.) included in notice sent to by this site or us are protected by international law about Copyright Act and copyright. I decline reproduction of all contents without permission.
  2. When problem about intellectual property rights such as copyrights occurs in violation of rule of foregoing paragraph, user solves the problem in expense and responsibility of self and must not give us no nuisance or damage.
  3. User E-mail or all ideas, concepts, suggestion to send to us and this site with other means, comment or other information (is called "information" as follows. In addition, we do not assume an obligation that personal information is excluded and watches us about). In addition, user considers us that all rights about the information were abandoned when user sent information to us. We do not bear all confidentiality about information and shall be able to use without crossing in the future, and paying value to the informant for every purpose and do not take responsibility about any problem to occur from the information at all.

Article 5 verboten

User must not do the following acts in the use of this site.

  1. Property right of us or third party, act to violate privacy or other rights or act with the fear.
  2. It is nuisance, disadvantage or act to damage or act with the fear for us or third party.
  3. Act against information, etc., public order and morals to be against fact for us or third party or to provide information with the fear.
  4. Criminal act, act against public order and morals, act to violate other laws and ordinances or act with the fear.
  5. Election activity, religious activity or act or to be similar to these, other politics and act about religion.
  6. Act to use subscriber ID and password illegally.
  7. Act to purchase product for the purpose of resale, resale, other profit in this site.
  8. Act to judge that other we are inappropriate.

Management of Article 6 personal information

  1. We handle based on "BicCamera privacy policy" to post personal information (called "personal information" as follows.) of user on separately on the homepage and "privacy policy" appropriately.
  2. We do not use personal information for purpose except duties and personal identification about offer of this service.
  3. We and BicCamera group (※ note 1) use personal information in the range of use purpose of foregoing paragraph jointly. When company using information jointly newly increases, we will tell by appropriate method including publication on E-mail, mail or the Internet.
  4. The outside may consign a part of the paperwork of personal information to us. In this case we make a necessary contract with trust and perform appropriate management surveillance.
  5. We perform necessary protection measures for personal information.
    ※Note 1 (list of BicCamera groups using personal information jointly)
    BicCamera , downy hair studio, BIC shuhan, by com, selenium, Jeh B S, Japanese broadcasting satellite, Toshima cable network, Sofmap, Tokyo service station, BIC Outlet, Kojima

    (item of personal information to use jointly)
    (1) In information to have you input at the time of sign-in, it is visitor full name, sex, the date of birth, address, phone number, e-mail address
    (2) Purchase history recorded at the time of this site use and accounting information

    (person having responsibility about management of personal information to use jointly)

Cancellation, interruption of Article 7 book service

In the case of next, we may cancel all or a part of offer of this site without notifying user beforehand.

  1. When we carry out scheduled maintenance of this site in us or emergency maintenance or when it is unavoidable in construction.
  2. When type I carrier person cancels telecommunication service.
  3. When, by sabotage by inevitability and third parties such as natural disaster, blackout, war, offer of service becomes difficult.
  4. In addition, when, in administration, we judge temporary interruption of this site to be necessary technically.

Article 8 disclaimers

  1. We do not take any responsibility about integrity, accuracy, certainty, usability about information that contents of this service and user can know through this site.
  2. About cases that infected virus when the damage occurs to apparatuses of user by using information, image published in this site and rink or, we do not take any responsibility.
  3. We expect accuracy about product information placed in this site, but do not guarantee. It may be different from real product in specifications change, image processing. In this way, we do not take any responsibility even if the damage occurs to user.
  4. We do not take any responsibility regardless of the reason about all damage that occurred by this site not having been available to users.
  5. We shall be indemnified by handling office work according to disclosed information of user and, in duties processing of this site, do not take responsibility about the damage, loss, disadvantage that occurred to user about the use of this service in any case regardless of legal request cause without intention or gross negligence in us.
  6. We do not guarantee that it is not harmful to user younger than 18 years about information that user can know through this site.

Chapter 2 member

Article 9 member

  1. With "member," we say ID and passwords that registration procedure was completed according to our predetermined procedure on this site.
  2. Sign-in assumes 1 registration for visitor one person.
  3. Member can receive privilege of Article 11 rule.
  4. When change occurs in contents reporting to full name, address, phone number, e-mail address or other us, member shall report change by our predetermined procedure immediately.
  5. Membership is thing of oneself exclusive belonging, and member lends this to third party and must not perform act such as offering to transfer, name change, buying and selling, setting or other securities of right of pledge. In addition, we shall not become a target of the inheritance.
  6. To member who does not have BIC reward card, we shall issue BIC reward card number newly.

Management such as Article 10 ID and password

  1. You manage ID and password by responsibility of oneself, and please keep member. We shall consider user who we are accepted by ID and password, and logged in to be member.
  2. Member lends ID and password to third party (including other members) and must not offer to transfer, name change, buying and selling, setting or other securities of right of pledge. In addition, member must not disclose passwords to third party (including other members). Even if the damage occurred to the member concerned or third party by these acts, we do not take all responsibility.
  3. Member can receive disclosure of ID by performing our predetermined procedure when we forget ID.
  4. When ID and password match theft or when it becomes clear that ID and password are misused by third party (including other members), member contacts so us promptly, and please follow this when there are instructions from us.

Privilege of Article 11 member

  1. Service point (called "point" as follows.) is given to member each target product purchase.
  2. Member can use point as some exchange with product or purchase price by one point of = 1 yen conversion at the time of the settlement after the next time in this site.
  3. Member can confirm the situation of product which you ordered in this site and the situation of product which purchased BIC reward card registered number with as purchase history and member information after the presentation in each we and BicCamera group store and purchase history (thing after January 1, 2012 is best).
  4. Member can cover guarantee to the product concerned using point on the purchase of our designated product in this site for BIC long term.
  5. Member can receive privilege of member fixing for BIC reward card Terms of Use Article 4 at each we and BicCamera group store. But member who is not agreed with in BIC reward card Terms of Use in sign-in procedure is considered that to be agreed to BIC reward card Terms of Use and was consented when we received privilege of the member concerned at each we and BicCamera group store.

Article 12 point

  1. Point multiplies rate (called "point service rate" as follows.) that payment amount of money (for payment by point is inapplicable) and we at the time of the product purchase set by and is calculated.
  2. After settlement procedure was completed in the case of the credit card settlement, in the case of other settlement methods, the receipt of money does with the confirmed back in us, and grant of point is recorded as member information after the price settlement when settlement method is C.O.D. delivery by taking our appointed procedure one month after each one week.
  3. Member lends point to third party and must not perform transfer, act such as we buy and sell or offering to setting or other securities of right of pledge.
  4. We do not realize point.
  5. When there is not the purchase as member, point lapses in this site and each we and BicCamera group store for two years from the last date of purchase as member.
  6. When product is returned, point given at the time of the product purchase concerned dates back at the time of the purchase and becomes invalid. As a result, we refund considerable amount of money after subtraction for minus when the balance of current point adversely affects. In addition, we have the deficit pay the difference when lack occurs.
  7. We may change point service rate without notice.
  8. When there is rational reason for purposes to protect point of member, we may set the upper limit without announcing available point size previously for one check.

Article 13 withdrawal and cancellation of membership

  1. We can resign from member by taking our predetermined procedure.
  2. When we resign from number based on rule of BIC reward card Terms of Use Article 14 Clause 3 about registered BIC reward card as member information, based on in sign-in procedure or Article 11 Clause 5, as for the member agreed with in BIC reward card Terms of Use, member of this site becomes withdrawal, too.
  3. When there is not the purchase as member, subscriber ID lapses in this site for two years from the last date of purchase as member and may become handled as withdrawal.
  4. We handle as thing which there was report of withdrawal of Honjo Clause 1 with point in time when we were able to know the death of member.
  5. Without when member corresponds to one of the following items, notifying the member concerned of us beforehand; promptly of membership stop or can cross.
    1) When perform act of Article 5.
    2) When report to us, report contents have falsehood.
    3) When it is recognized that membership is crossed in the past by violation of this protocol.
    4) When, regardless of means, interfere with administration of this site.
    5) When there is observance of a contract delay of payment debts such as rates or failure.
    6) When, by telephone, FAX Machine, E-mail or other means that reported, do not get communication with member either.
    7) When violate these other agreements.
    8) When, in addition, judge us to be inadequate as member.
  6. This service is not available to the members concerned, and we do not take responsibility for all by our having taken measures of foregoing paragraph even if the damage in this way occurred to the member concerned or third party. In addition, the member concerned must bear all legal responsibility when the damage occurs to us or third party by act that member corresponds to one of zenkoukakugo even if after we lost membership.

Chapter 3 buying and selling

Article 14 buying and selling

User can purchase product placed in this site or service according to rule of this chapter.

Article 15 conditions of sale

  1. Sales price of product placed in this site is Tax-free amount of money when user purchases from this site.
  2. We may change the price of product placed in this site without notice.
  3. Was displayed in this site; is going to ship, and indication does not promise delivery date during period of indication from the settlement of order.
  4. Of product, to sending, please bear delivery charges separately from the product price.
  5. As a general rule, product order in this site intends for user 18 years or older. Order by user younger than 18 years needs agreement of protector.

Article 16 order and making a promise

  1. User can apply for the purchase of product placed in this site according to our designated procedure.
  2. When order procedure in this site and payment of the price are completed, user establishes order contents. But, in the case of C.O.D. delivery, order contents shall be settled at the time of order procedure completion in this site. In addition, E-mail, whichever which E-mail delivered "order completion screen" that user is displayed when order procedure in this site was completed normally to for notification of order reception desk and confirmation of order contents automatically, E-mail which the price receipt of money is delivered to automatically to contact, point grant are delivered to automatically to contact do not show our consent for order.
  3. Sales contract with user and us based on order is established with time when email to tell that delivery procedure of the product concerned was completed or the product concerned arrived at user from us. In addition, sales contract shall be established every product paid in installments when product becomes payment in installments shipment.
  4. Regardless of sales price after order, change of point service rate, sales contract is concluded by condition at the time of order.
  5. When visitor user corresponds to one of the following items, we consider that order was withdrawn.
    1) When, in the case of the credit card settlement, approval of credit card company is not received.
    2) When, in the case of the shopping loan settlement, approval of loan company is not received.
    3) When, in the case of settlement method except previous 2, the price is not paid before time limit that we set for every settlement method.
  6. Regardless of completion of contract, we decline order by the following reasons unconditionally or can cancel contract.
    1) When false fact is accepted by personal information.
    2) When accept order for long-term arrival undecided product or production completion product.
    3) When when limited number of products make amount restrictions (can arrange amount) for the purchase of visitor user, accept order beyond it.
    4) When we judge that price displayed in this site is wrong in comparison with market market price.
    5) When accept resale, resale or order with for-profit objective fear.
    6) When is ordered without user younger than 18 years obtaining protector's consent.
    7) When other we accept need of cancellation of apologies of order or contract.

It is sent Article 17 product

  1. We send product to the appointed destination according to contract contents for user who made a promise.
  2. Our designated delivery company asks sending; of separately application, as for the product, it is delivery at the entrance of the destination as far as there is not. In addition, with delivery, dangerous burden of the product concerned moves to user.
  3. When credit card company gave payment of the total amount of the product price to us after product delivery in the case of the credit card settlement, in the case of the shopping loan settlement, in the case of other payment methods, user transfers proprietary rights of the product concerned to user at the time of delivery when Total payment was paid in full.
  4. The destination of product is limited to Japan.

Article 18 payment

  1. Use charges of this site, calculation method assume just what we establish separately.
  2. When dispute occurs over rate or other debts among credit card company, payment for another representation suppliers about payment in conjunction with this site, user, please be settled with the person concerned concerned directly.

Article 19 returned goods

  1. It is not accepted returned goods, exchange unless there is defect to product.
  2. When there are defects such as initial defectiveness to product which we sent, please contact within 30 days after arrival of product. We do exchange or repair correspondence only when there is defect after confirmation in us. In addition, please bear the balance when the balance occurs by repayment or equal others product and exchange when the product and exchange or repair correspondence are not possible due to being sold out.

Chapter 4 minor regulations

Article 20 inevitability

When observance of a contract of contract delays by order disposal by natural disaster, war, riot, internal disturbance, revolution, reorganization establishment, court of laws and ordinances or the civil authority, accident of vehicle, other inevitability or it became impossible, we do not take responsibility for what for user.

Article 21 competent court

  1. When problem that cannot be settled by this protocol occurs about the use of this site between user and us, we discuss with user in all sincerity with us and shall solve this.
  2. When it is not settled by discussion in spite of rule of foregoing paragraph either, we assume Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial.

Article 22 applicable law

About establishment, effect, observance of a contract of these Terms of Use and interpretation, we assume Japanese law applicable law.

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We carry out this agreement from November 21, 2000. 
November 21, 2000
March 31, 2005 revision
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