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About the point common use

The point common use

If you point and are common and use, you can use point that saved point that we accumulated in shop for shopping in net by shopping of net again for shopping of shop.

Our page already has both subscriber ID of BIC reward card and net shop and is common guide when it is not used.
You have BIC reward card (we include partner card), and visitor who is not subscribed of net shop still look at item of "we subscribe". We can register BIC reward card with Sign up screen.

Advantageous! Convenience! Point common use utilization

Utilization of the point common use

We use the points which accumulated point that we accumulated in shop in net in net in shop!

You can use point that you saved by shopping of net for shopping in shop.
Similarly, you can use point that you saved by shopping of shop for shopping of net.

We can easily confirm the balance of one's point to have with smartphone and tablet anytime!

Let alone home PC, we can easily check the balance of point that oneself has using smartphone or tablet during going out anytime.
We can have you more easily confirm if you link smartphone application of BicCamera .

It is news by email before running out of point effective period!

We guide by email before point you have lapses. Worry of "errand lapse of memory of point" disappears, too!

We will tell about recall information of purchase product!

When recall information of product which he/she purchased was announced, BicCamera will tell immediately!
※I would like change procedure to send information exactly when there is change in contact information.

Reward card common use use procedure

You log in to member menu, and please click item of "we file for the point common use of net ⇔ shop".

Please input number of common your reward card which you want to use.

After checking mention information, please click button "proposing".

With the above common use procedure is the end. Please enjoy shopping.

About adding up of reward card

When you have plural reward cards, with reward card that net sign-in has string, we can add up point of reward card you have by menu of "the reward card common use" separately.
※When sign-in information of net and information registered with reward card accord, it is limited.
When registration information has mismatch, please change registration information.
Change of net sign-in information is BicCamera. You can file from member menu of com.
We would like change of registration information of reward card to inquire to BIC point center of neighborhood.

BIC Point center

Business hours: From 10:00 to 21:00 (always without holiday)

※In the case of the use, please use the following number by international calls from IP telephone (partly), foreign countries.
TEL: 03-5958-0811

When all the plural reward cards are registered, please perform procedure of adding up by one piece of reward card. Finally you can use only common reward card (including partner card) which uses, and was filed for in future.
But you can just use partner card and reward card when different reward card is registered after the common use with partner card newly.
Finally please cancel reward card filed for before card which we filed for after putting cut with scissors. (please do not destroy partner card.)

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