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Guidance of BIC point

What is BIC point?

[BIC point] Is it toha?

BIC point is point to be available at each net shop "" and BicCamera store.

Visitor having BIC reward card or BicCamera. Targeting at visitors who became with member of com, we return according to sales price (tax-included) according to use amount of money in BicCamera .

Point addition rate varies according to product
BicCamera. About the point addition in com, it is BicCamera. It becomes sign-in to com, membership benefit when we log in and were ordered.

※Product image is image

Save! Use! It is advantageous [BIC point]

  • We convert point with 1 BIC point = 1 yen.
  • BIC point that we do shopping and saved is available for shopping from the next time.
  • We can accumulate BIC point steadily without using. In the case of big shopping, we can use BIC point that we accumulated at a stretch till then.
  • Point addition rate of BIC point varies according to product.
  • When we have you use BIC point and do shopping, for amount of money that deducted BIC point that you used from purchased amount, we point BIC (predetermined rate) and serve.
  • BIC point that we saved is available than following shopping.
  • BIC point rate has possibility of regular change. Please check the closing time carefully below.

[BIC point] no expiration date, zansuukakumitome

Confirmation of BIC point history

After login, "point Get Info, history which acquisition used than "we confirm BIC point history" in we confirm" in store, net shop of "member menu" and current possession point size, card number, point expiration date can confirm.

Expiration date

Effective period of BIC point which occurred when you purchased in our site is "two years" from last use day. When there is not the use, and two years just pass, BIC point becomes "0" automatically. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

  • With for the last time use day, we point to "day when we took order last" regardless of use, the addition of point.
  • It is BicCamera store or BicCamera. for two years from for the last time use day When there is not the purchase, point becomes inactivation in com.
  • In addition, expiration date may be extended when point is added by campaigns later.


Visitor full name and "now point of BIC point you have" are displayed by the page upper part when we have you log in.

[BIC point] Timing of the no addition

BIC point varies in timing of the addition by kind of means of payment. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. In addition, we deliver mail to tell about so when we added point.

  After order decision ※1 After product shipment ※1 After delivery completion
Credit card   ○※2  
Bank transfer    
Postal transfer    
The convenience store settlement    
Net bank, ATM payment    
C.O.D. delivery     ○※3
Shopping loan    

※After after 1 order decision or product shipment, we are reflected in 2-3 jikanhodo. Order decision becomes after examination decision of point in time when we were able to confirm the receipt of money in us or shopping loan.
※Timeliness of the addition may be different with some products including 2 maker direct shipments product.
※In the case of 3 C.O.D. delivery, we are reflected within 30 days after delivery completion.

Shifts from companies access point to BIC point

We can transfer "UC eternal immortal point" of "Oki Doki point" of JCB and UC to BIC point.

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