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  • We transfer "Kojima point" "Sofmap point" to "BIC point"

We transfer "Kojima point" "Sofmap point" to "BIC point"

Transfer "Kojima point" "Sofmap point" to "BIC point", and BicCamera. It can be used by com!

BicCamera. It is limited to customer of com member.

The point exchange rate

  • "1 Kojima point" = "1 BIC point"
  • "1 Sofmap point" = "1 BIC point"

We can transfer "Kojima point" "Sofmap point" to "BIC point" than member menu. Please go through the procedure in the following procedure.

We can go through the procedure from point exchange procedure method ... member menu

※We guide with screen of PC site. It is slightly different in smartphone site, but switching method is the same.

We prepare "Kojima customer card" or "Sofmap card" at hand

"Kojima customer card" "Sofmap card"


It has a series of point operator from member menu

Member menu clicks inner "we change Kojima, point of Sofmap at BIC point"

Capture image: The "member menu" top


"Point switch service" card number input screen

We input number of card and click "we advance to operator continuance"

Capture image: "Point switch service" screen


"Point switch service" shift point input screen

We have input (please input 1,000 points of movement with "1000".) of point to move and click "we propose point exchange"

Capture image: "Point switch service" screen


Procedure completion! Please enjoy shopping!

We complete point conversion and are shown saying "procedure for point exchange was completed.". You push "it is closed" and close screen, and please enjoy shopping!

Capture image: "Point switch service" screen

Notice about point operator continuance

In the case of the following, error screen is displayed.

  • When registration information of "Kojima customer card" "Sofmap card" does not accord with BIC reward card (BicCamera.com member information)

    Reference is displayed on the screen. Please refer over telephone.

  • When the point balance of "Kojima customer card" "Sofmap card" is going to transfer point more than in the case of "0" or the point balance

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