Payment Postal transfer

Postal transfer (the price advance payment)

Postal transfer is the price advance payment. After the order, please transfer for "less than one week".
We arrange products as soon as we get confirmation of the receipt of money.

  • In the case of the purchase of alcoholic beverages, we cannot accept payment in postal transfer.
  • Transfer fee of customer burden.
  • I take order and will inform the back, products and payment amount of money that you ordered by automatic transmission email.
    In addition, we will show around transfer.


Account number Sign 10090 number 8205781
Transfer BicCamera Inc.

Notice of postal transfer (the price advance payment)

  • Please transfer after the order for "less than one week".
  • Name of transfer is by the name of orderer 様, please.
  • When orderer 様 full name is different from transfer name, we would appreciate your contacting from this page to us.
    Please input the following contents by all means on this occasion.
    (1) Transfer day (2) order number (3) transfer holder of a title deed
  • Transfer fee of customer burden.
  • Because it is arranged securing of stock, product after confirming payment was performed, we may not send to street on indication deadline at the time of order.
  • When, for payment amount of money of order product, the receipt of money amount of money of transfer is transferred a lot,
    We deduct transfer fee and do refund.
    ※When we deduct transfer fee, and refund amount of money does not occur, we do not refund.
  • When there is not the receipt of money within one week, it should be cancellation handling.

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