We accept our designated products, lapping

Lapping bag, lapping Paper to be able to choose now

Lapping bag

There are three kinds of lapping bags. Please choose favorite color to use.

Lapping bag (red)

Lapping bag (green)

Lapping bag (blue)

Lapping Paper

Ribbon of Paper + brown of stripe

Ribbon of Paper + silver of stripe

Ribbon of yellow Paper + green

Ribbon of blue plain fabric Paper + red

Ribbon of red plain fabric Paper + brown

Buddhist mass use

Auspicious event use

Delivery of lapping product

Packing image figure
※Image is image.

Product which we wrapped with wrapping paper of designation,
We will send after having done normal packing (we put in the box).

Flow using lapping service

Customer whom we wish to wrap, please perform order procedure along the following procedure.

Notice about the lapping service use

  • When you put lapping service object product in the shopping cart, you can specify lapping.
  • Order of lapping needs time than normal delivery for around 1-2 days.
  • We cannot accept that we summarize plural products in one and wrap.
  • I may decline wrapping by shape of products.
  • We did not hear sale only for lapping Paper.
  • When orders are 300,000 yen (tax-included) or more, to tag of delivery to home supplier of amount of money may list.

Lapping service application method

Shopping cart screen

We click "setting of lapping" button

We increase when we click, and you can see

We choose lapping Paper/bag

We click button which we choose thing you like and "change to the contents mentioned above"

We increase when we click, and you can see

We confirm the shopping cart

Please confirm that lapping that we chose is written. Afterwards, you purchase from "we advance to order screen" according to instructions of screen, and please go through the procedure.

We increase when we click, and you can see

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