Service for visit to Japan tourists is this

Reserve Online Pick-Up In Store "Internet reservation service"

BicCamera. Payment, receipt is possible looking for products in com at store of neighborhood. Simple operation that chooses products, store you like, and just decides scheduled visit date! Please confirm detailed usage than the following.

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Of the Step1 "product page" screen right side or "list of products page" choose "look for store with stock"

Product page clicks "we look for store with stock"

List of products page clicks "we look for store with stock"


As guidance of list of Step2 store stock is displayed with the other window, we receive and choose "Application for Reservation" of hope store column

It changes to login screen when we click "Application for Reservation" in state that does not log in. It changes to screen of Step3 after the login.

We click "make a reservation" of receipt hope store


We choose request for Step3 product receipt store, desired amount

※You can choose a store according to the area. After you choose a store, click "Expected date of visit" to choose your pick-up date.
※Please fill-in the information according to your passport.


We choose scheduled Step4 visit date and "advance to confirmation screen"

We input receipt amount, scheduled visit date


We confirm Step5 "Reserve Online Pick-Up In Store input contents confirmation screen" contents and "propose" if reliable

Please confirm input contents.


We reserve products in Step6 application completion, shop. After you receive our email, you can go to the store to collect your items.

Application completion screen image

Application completed at the step above. After confirming application contents, the person in charge of store you like confirms stock of products. We reserve for for customer as soon as we get confirmation of products.

  • On the day we e-mail the situation of stock arrangement and, in the case of application, reply within one hour before the end of the business.
  • We e-mail the next day after the opening time and, in the case of application, reply outside operating hours.
  • As we reserve on first-come-first-served basis, we may not measure up to expectation by the situation.


  • "The Internet reservation service" is BicCamera. Please make sure that you can receive the email sent by
  • First-come-first-served basis may not secure products for reservation.
  • When reservation products are not target products, stock confirmation, receiving is not possible.
  • If you apply for the reservation, one hour before our close time, we will reply you in the same day.
  • If you apply for the reservation out of our stores open time, we will reply you the next day.
  • Product which had you apply by "the Internet reservation service" is the check at store. Please refer to store which you ordered for cancellation, change of the order number.

    Store Location

  • When have product which had apply by "the Internet reservation service" settle account at store, BicCamera. COM. Please check the closing time carefully below.
  • We will provide you an advantageous price, when the price online at your reserved time differs from the store's price. We can provide a favorable price for you, Of price including com-limited article when cannot cope, should be sales price of receipt store of designation.
    In addition, subtraction of point rate by the available payment method and credit card use will be based on the purchase store.
  • When we have you settle account for Bitcoin (bitcoin) at store, rate becomes thing in the check.

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