About confirmation of order contents

"Confirmation of order contents" screen is displayed before the settlement of order.
Please push button after checking "address, address, phone number of the destination" "payment method" "product of order and amount of money" "having long-term guarantee or not" "various options" (setting construction, recycling, lapping) [you establish order] on "the delivery date and time".
Please go through the procedure from each various buttons which "changing" "returns" to when we change.

  • -designated change of 1 delivery date and time
  • 2 destination changes, choice of convenience store, office receipt
  • Change of 3 payment methods
  • Change of use of 4 point size
  • In the case of the use, we choose 5 coupons among here
Order contents confirmation screen






The pictorial image mentioned above is an example. Displayed item varies according to order contents.
※By the stock situation of the settlement method and product, the delivery date and time may not be chosen.

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