From order for alcoholic beverages to delivery of products

The Internet-limited! Cost of delivery of alcoholic beverages about one shopping 550 yen (tax-included). It is free shipping by the purchase 8,000 yen (tax-included) or more!

1. We do sign-in of "the Internet shop"

We can use convenient function in BIC point and our other sites to the full when we have you subscribe! We can enjoy more comfortable shopping.
※Shopping is possible even if we do not subscribe.

2. We look for products

We can look for products from BIC shuhan top page.

As you display small product classifications, you can search products from that. In addition, we can search from column which "looks for liquor in keyword" when we know brand name you are looking for. If product you are looking for is found, please click link of image of products or brand name. You can see detailed information of products.

3. We order products

Click the "Reserve" button

You classify check into column of "age confirmation" of product details screen, and please click "Add to Cart" button. Products enter shopping cart. When we want to purchase plural same products, we can change amount here.

  • There is the upper limit of Item quantity can pay together by products.
  • You cannot use blanket purchase with product except alcoholic beverages, snacks and delivery.
  • Drinking of minor is prohibited by law.
We increase when we click, and you can see

We advance to order procedure

If the purchase product is prepared, we click button "faster to order screen" of shopping cart.


Order procedure

After choice of-designated payment method of the-designated use point size of the destination, it is order procedure completion when we have you confirm order contents.

The following can use payment in case of the liquor purchase.

Shopping loanBank transferCash on delivery deliveryThe convenience store settlementThe Internet bank, ATM paymentCredit card

  • You cannot use "postal transfer".
  • After the order, we deliver email to have you perform confirmation of order contents by automatic reply.

4. Depending on payment method, please receive money

  • In the case of bank transfer, the receipt of money hopes that we have you go through the procedure within one week.
  • When confirming payment is produced, point for order product is added other than "the cash on delivery delivery" payment method. (only as for the regular member)

5. We arrange products and ship

After confirming payment, in us of order product arrange. We deliver products to Yamato Transport (by the situation, we may use other delivery companies) which is delivery company as soon as product which you ordered is prepared.

  • Of order matching as for the product of BIC shuhan all products ship.

Guide about delivery is this

6. Delivery company provides products

We will send product shipped from us according to distribution channel which trust shipment delivery company sets.

※After having handed products to customer in the case of the use, point for order product is added to "cash on delivery delivery". (only as for the regular member)

BIC shuhanhaisogyoshaichi*hyo
The destination/delivery product Delivery company
The Tokyo's 23 wards Company service, Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., Sagawa Express
Alcoholic beverages Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., Sagawa Express
Plastic bottle drink Sagawa Express
Bottle drink Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
Paper Pack drink Sagawa Express
Canned beverage Sagawa Express
Food Sagawa Express ※Some Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
Direct shipment gift Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., Sagawa Express, Yu-Pack ※It varies according to origins of products, delivery.

※In the case of the purchase, food does by delivery with alcoholic beverages at the same time in limit "Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.".


◆ The purchase completion ◆

If, after the order, may have a problem; ...

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