Reservation Service

Reservation Flow

It is easy to reserve items in advance which you would like to buy in Japan.
Save your time to find items. Our English speaking staff is available to help you as you come to our Store.

1.Finding items

Ⅰ. Search
For any specific item, you can search related Name, Model number, Keyword and etc.
Ⅱ. Special Page
To find some popular items recently, you can check the Special Pages.
Ⅲ. Departments
Departments also provide a helpful way to find similar items.

Go to find your items

2.How can I reserve an item?

Reserve your item from list of items' page or a description page.
There are two ways to reserve. 1. Click the button "Find Stock in Store & Reserve" to check available stock of each store and select the store you want to visit. ⇒Proceed to 3-A below.
2. You can also add items to cart and then reserve. ⇒Proceed to 3-B below.

List of Items:

Description page:

3.Select a Store

3-A. List of Store Stock
Reserve via stock, please click the button "Reserve" to fill your reservation form. You can also click Name of the Store to find more details about Store Locator, Opening times and other helpful information.

3-B.
Reserve via cart, please click the button "Pick-up in Store" to process. You can click the button "Continue Shopping" to add other items and reserve them at once.

Select store collection & quantity of item, then proceed to Date of Visit page.

4.Fill out the form

Fill the required field and others to finish application.
Before you submit the reservation request, please make sure you have read the Reservation Notice.
※Items could be reserved for 2 weeks from the reservation date.

5.Receive our email

We will send you an automated system email to the email address you filled out.
Please click the URL/Confirmation button to complete your reservation.



6.Reservation result

We will send the reservation result via email as product has been held.
It will take about 30 minutes or more to send.
If your reservation is out of business hours, result email will be sent on the next business day.
※Even in the unsuccessful case, we will inform you by this email.

7.Payment and Pick up

Reserve online and pay in the store.
Please bring the result email and your passport to the reception.
※Available payment methods depend on the store.

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