About download sales of software

  • BicCamera. We purchase software in com and are available via the Internet.
  • We inform of "URL for exclusive use of downloading" by email after the purchase.
  • You download software than "URL for exclusive use of downloading" of mention for email and please set up.
  • "Download sales service" is BicCamera. Only com member is available.
  • "URL for exclusive use of downloading" is BicCamera. We transmit to mail address having you enroll in com.
  • It should be "delivery of goods" with transmission of "URL for exclusive use of downloading".
  • Only "download sales service" buyer 様 is available.

Downloading method of Adobe software is this

※We may change downloading method without notice.

The purchase procedure of downloading product

We choose "Add to Cart" with detailed screen of downloading product

Product for download sales has a mention of [downloading is edition] in brand name.


We confirm licensing and check if "we agree" and choose "we advance to cart"

Screen opens by pop up. Downloading software needs agreement to licensing that each maker prescribes. You have you confirm contents, and please advance to order procedure after agreement.


According to instructions of screen to order screen

  • We cannot cancel order by the credit settlement.
  • Cash on delivery delivery is not available.
  • After the receipt of money cannot cancel.

We check email

As soon as, after the order completion, is ready for download, to e-mail address of member information
We send email (title: guidance of URL for exclusive use of [BicCamera ] downloading) that listed URL for exclusive use of downloading.

<email sample>
Email example
  • It is different from order confirmation email to arrive after the order completion.
  • In the case of reservation product, downloading is enabled after 9:00 a.m. of sale date.

We download software

  • You go from "order history list" of page of URL of mention or member menu to "Get Info of order, delivery" of pertinence product for the email mentioned above, and please download software.
  • After the button choice "downloading" in "Get Info of order, delivery", please perform downloading and setup according to procedure.
  • Serial cord is listed in the upper part of button "downloading" in "Get Info of order, delivery". In the case of setup, it is necessary. Please keep carefully.
  • Button "downloading" is not displayed with smartphone.
  • So that you see URL of mention for email, BicCamera. Login to com is necessary.
  • After checking terminal, network environment of errand, please start download.
  • Operation after "download button" click varies according to products in our site. Please confirm order maker notice of products.
  • When "expiration" error is over download button after the click, you log out once, and please file again than "order history list".

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