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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

BIC CAMERA INC. and the group companies (called "BicCamera group" as follows) make their efforts with maximum attention in privacy policy and personal protection of information.

[list of BicCamera groups]
BicCamera , downy hair studio, Tokyo service station, Jeh B S, BIC shuhan,
BIC Outlet, by com, selenium, Japanese broadcasting satellite, Toshima cable network, Sofmap, Kojima

On our duties, visitor may give personal information ("personal information" means these information) such as the name, address, phone number, e-mail address to, and BicCamera group recognizes the protection with extremely important thing.

This news (privacy policy) tells all of you about policy about the personal information handling of BicCamera with such recognition.

1.Management of personal information

BicCamera group takes necessary measures such as maintenance of security system, maintenance of regime in the company, thorough employee education for appropriate management of personal information and we carry out safety measures and perform severe management of personal information.

2.The appropriate acquisition and use purpose

    (1) When we acquire personal information, we acquire personal information of necessary range after having notified of use purpose.
    (2) We use personal information that we acquired for purpose to advocate below other than use purpose that we notified of at the time of the acquisition individually.

  • We use for service improvement and new service development of BicCamera group.
  • We use for making of statistical data to get characteristic of visitor of BicCamera group.
    We show statistics treated result in business partner and contents provider,
    We may not disclose data identifying individual to visitor without permission to third party.
  • We use for questionnaire, identification of applicants such as quizzes and successful news.
  • We use to keep various inquiry contents under control exactly, and to cope.
  • We use as the destination of information mail service from BicCamera group.
  • We use personal information of member jointly in us and BicCamera group.
  • We perform only in range admitted that change of the use purpose mentioned above has considerable association reasonably,
    When we change, we will tell by appropriate method including publication on E-mail, mail or the Internet.

3.Trust of handling duties of personal information, offer to third party

    (1) We entrust with the handling as far as BicCamera group is necessary for the achievement of use purpose by personal information that we acquired than visitor.
    (2) We do not offer personal information to third party unless we correspond to any of the following.

  • When there is agreement of visitor.
  • When because visitor gives service hoped for, we disclose as far as duties trust is necessary earlier.
    ※When we fill out, and the purchase and document of product request personal information, agreement of visitor considers that there was, and, on our homepage, visitor may provide personal information in business partner in pages such as sale or document request of product which business partner carries out. In addition, by this offer, additional information about similar products may be sent by business partner. When you do not want reporting from business partner, please stop registration of personal information.

4.The observance and review of guidelines that laws and ordinances about the handling, other associated laws and ordinances, countries establish on personal information

BicCamera group observes guidelines that laws and ordinances about the handling, other associated laws and ordinances, countries establish on personal information and we review approach in each clause mentioned above as needed to be thorough and improve individual protection of information of visitor.

5.Right of the person about personal information targeted for disclosure

The person can request about personal information targeted for disclosure by the following division.

Request reception desk window Contents which we can request Method of request
BicCamera. com
Member Menu
Personal disclosure of information targeted for disclosure, correction, addition and deletion, suspension of contents After login, it is possible from "change of registration contents" of "member menu".
Each BicCamera shop
Personal information inquiry window
Notice, removal of use purpose of personal information targeted for disclosure other than the above, request of stop of third party offer We can perform using "bills such as personal information disclosure". As for the details, please see this (we have fee by some procedures.)

6.News at the time of the Internet shopping site "" use

  • 1.The use of cookie (Cookie)
    BicCamera. We save some information in file called cookie (Cookie) in com.
    Cookie is made in Hard Disk of visitor.

    We read our site usefully and are intended to have you do shopping and do not violate privacy policy, and Cookie may not adversely affect computer of visitor again. By setting of Web browser (browser), we can refuse receiving of Cookie, but, in that case, we cannot use login, shopping cart and cannot do shopping.

  • 2.About access log information
    BicCamera. We use access log information for tendency to access, analysis of user trend, collection of wide statistical information again to watch whether there is not abnormal access in com.

  • 3.Input of necessary matter
    Input of necessary matter is arbitrary, but may not make a deal when we cannot have input.

7.Inquiry window

  • Net shop BicCamera. Com general guidance
    Inquiry from the Internet top:

  • Inquiry window over telephone
    From 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. always 0570-06-7000 [pay] without holiday ※In the case of the use, please use 03-5985-7000 by international calls from IP telephone (partly), foreign countries.

  • BicCamera store
    List of Store

  • BicCamera personal information inquiry window
    Personal information protection manager general affairs personnel affairs general manager
    Address: 3-23-23, Takada, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
    E-mail: bic-info@biccamera .com, time in: Always whole day acceptance without holiday
    Phone number 03-5396-0707, time in: From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays

  • Window of authorized personal information protection group
    We are companies targeted for Japan Information Processing Development Center which received authorization of Personal Information Protection Law Article 37 Clause 1.
    We accept inquiry about personal information even if we get up in the following window.
    ※It is not reference about our product, service.
    Name: Japan Information Processing Development Center
           Privacy mark promotion center personal information protection complaint counselor's office
    The location: 1-9-9-6, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Motoki first baseman Building the twelfth floor
    Phone number 0120-700-779, 03-5860-7565

Establishment: April 1, 2005
Revision: September 15, 2011

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