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BicCamera product safety free agency guideline

BIC CAMERA INC. recognizes that they build the system so that customer can use product which we provide in peace in order to prevent outbreak of product accident when extremely important. We observe all things law concerned and model and we devise this product safety free agency guideline in conformity with BicCamera charter for business conduct and act.

1. We will offer product which customer can use in peace.

When it is social responsibility imposed on in us which are aggregate of specialty store which not only we pursue sale of high-performance and cheap product, but also it is particular about customer to provide safe product, and there is, we recognize, and and security contributes to reliable social construction comfortably.

2. We collect information such as product accidents immediately and will contribute to customer.

When (defect, malfunction, accident of similar product) such as product accidents occurs, we collect information positively, and the information is transmitted to relations department including top management quickly by customer and production company, import company, repair, setting company and shares in each store, department, group company and by providing these information immediately in customer and production company, import company, repair, setting company, prevent expansion of damage, and maintenance establishes the system contributing to prevention of accident recurrence, cause investigation and carries this out.

3. We will establish the report systems such as product accidents, the recall system.

We report administration to each connection engine voluntarily in order to prevent outbreak of accident and expansion when it recognizes that it is proper responsibility to offer safe product to customer, and it was found out that product which harm might amount to was provided by customer by any chance and cooperate positively so that quick and precise recalls (recall) by production company, import company are performed and it has top priority by ensuring safety of customer and acts.

4. We try for common knowledge, enlightenment of right how to use product.

We promote common knowledge, enlightenment activity of right how to use product positively to prevent expansion of outbreak of accident by misuse of product and damage.

5. We plan maintenance, improvement of the product safety system by maintaining risk regime, and carrying out legal compliance for employee thoroughly.

Maintain risk regime for securing of product safety, and expand, and is periodical by the education training system for upbringing of employee having expertise and ability that can cope for information from the outside quickly in the company to let foresee by outbreak of accident; carry out inspection in the company, and is always appropriate and appropriate; plan maintenance, improvement of the system in the company.

■Please contact us for your inquiries about product accident at the following.

[inquiry window about product accident]
Time in: From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (it is only weekdays)
E-mail: [email protected]

2007.8.29 establishment 2020.9.01 revision

BicCamera Inc.
President Kazuyoshi Kimura

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