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BicCamera privacy policy

BicCamera  privacy policy

Privacy Policy

1.About management of personal information

BicCamera group (※) takes necessary measures such as maintenance of security system, maintenance of regime in the company, thorough employee education for appropriate management of personal information based on privacy policy and we carry out safety measures and perform severe management of personal information.

※It is as follows with BicCamera group.
BicCamera , Kojima, Sofmap, Jeh B S, Tokyo service station,
BIC Outlet, BIC shuhan, downy hair studio, by com, selenium, AirBIC,
S caser screw, BicCamera Rakuten, Rakuten BIC

2.About the appropriate acquisition of personal information and the use purpose

  1. When we acquire personal information, within the following purposes, we acquire personal information of necessary range after setting the use purpose beforehand, and having notified. In addition, we use for making of statistical data to get characteristic of customer as needed.
  2. Also, when it is necessary to change the use purpose itself, we tell except the accepted use by laws and ordinances beforehand and shall obtain consent by any chance when we use other than the making of the use purpose that we advocated below and statistical data.
  3. About personal information that the use became needless, we do removal, the disposal immediately and appropriately.
  4. In conformity with laws and ordinances, we may not perform notice to the person or public announcement in the following cases. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
  • When we might hurt life, body of the person or third party, property or other right profit by notifying the person of the use purpose, or announcing
  • When we might spoil right of BicCamera group or fair profit by notifying the person of the use purpose, or announcing
  • When we might affect accomplishment of the desk work concerned by corresponding if engine of country or local public entity accomplishes desk work that laws and ordinances determine, and we notify the person of cooperating necessary gagaari and the use purpose or announcing
Personal classes of information, type The use purpose

Information about sale of products

Because reward cards grasp the purchase history

Information about delivery, construction, repair, parts sale

For shipping address, confirmation of place constructing and repair product, delivery of parts

Information about offer of privilege for various members (reward card member, EC member)

For the person 様 confirmation of member and confirmation such as qualifications to provide privilege

Information about long-term guarantee, offer of general compensation service

To confirm time limit to offer guarantee, compensation service and range

Information about insurance against loss agency duties

For offer of service related accompaniment to insurance against loss and this

Information about purchase, part-exchange of used product

For confirmation of the person by the antique business method

Information about sending of telephone and email contact such as various business contents and advertisement trade rag

For advertisement trade rag, business notice such as sending of printed matter of BicCamera group

Information about issuance of mail service

To inform of the handling product, service by email

Information about application reception desks such as various prizes

To identify rightful claimant receiving reward

Information about shipment such as various premiums

To send premium to the person

Information about offers such as recall information

To inform of maker name, brand name, model of recall product, contents repair method of malfunction

Information about various measures for the purpose of improvement in service

To expand improvement and assortment of goods of waiting on customers manner, language of salesperson by "voice postcard of customer" and various questionary survey

Information about correspondence for various inquiries

To keep inquiry contents under control exactly

Use of membership benefit and response of the Service Introduction information about various inquiries

Because service points support the use situation of membership benefit and various inquiries quickly

Information about various analyses from statistics material provided from the purchasing history information

For research and development of service and assortment of goods by local market research or data analysis

Recording information

For giving and receiving confirmation of the price, product anti-theft by security Video Camera and nyutaikanri

Recording information

To reconfirm inquiry contents with telephone in call center customer center, the store or to make use in correspondence evaluation and education training of communicator

Access information

To make use of reading of EC sites, information (cookie, access log) of the use, confirmation of abnormal access, request from customer put to EC sites, opinion in future customer service and assortment of goods of products

Outside branch site user information

To use our outside branch site, and to offer delivery, construction, Service Introduction such as products to customer who purchased products

Job offer applicant information

To use the outside job offer site, and to use information of applied for to us for recruiting activity

Adoption applicant information

To perform recruiting activity duties in BIC group

Employee information

When we perform wage processing, personnel evaluation, assignment, duties contact, social insurance procedure, welfare program, education, to use

Information that was collected based on sufficient reasons such as other laws and ordinances

For confirmation such as qualifications to use identity verification, Service Introduction based on laws and ordinances

3.Trust of the handling duties of personal information, offer to third party

  1. When there is agreement of the person
  2. When we disclose to perform service (delivery, repair, construction) that the person is hoped for as far as duties trust is necessary earlier. In this case we make a necessary contract after investigation about the trust concerned and we oblige to what information management like BicCamera group performs and do necessary supervision.
  3. When it is necessary to provide based on laws and ordinances
  4. When it is necessary for protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain the person's consent
  5. When when country or local public entity carries out public desk work, it is necessary to cooperate and might affect accomplishment of the desk work concerned by obtaining the person's consent
  6. When we notify the person of six points of matters to show next or matter of contents that that and the same class are or more beforehand or take equal measures as a substitute for that after it is difficult to obtain the person's consent, and laws and ordinances were based on procedure to set
    • The use be aimed for offer to third party
    • Item of personal information offered to third party
    • Means of offer to third party or method
    • Stop offer to third party of personal information that the person concerned is distinguished depending on request of the person
    • The acquisition method
    • Method to accept request from the person
  7. When and it is information about officer of the corporation or other groups included in information about corporation or other groups concerned and stockholder and provides exhibition or announced information by person or corporation or other groups oneself concerned and puts in state that we notify the person of matter of contents that six points or that and the same class to show to Paragraph 6 mentioned above are or more beforehand, or the person can know easily

4.About the joint use of personal information

We will use personal information within the use purpose announcing 2 about "the appropriate acquisition of personal information and the use purpose" mentioned above jointly.
In addition, we will tell about matter which is necessary for the person beforehand when we perform the joint use of personal information any place other than these.

  1. Item of personal information to use jointly
    Full name, sex, the date of birth, address, phone number, e-mail address, the purchase history, recording information, recording information, access information
  2. Range of joint user
    BicCamera , Kojima, Sofmap, Jeh B S, Tokyo service station,
    BIC Outlet, BIC shuhan, downy hair studio, by com, selenium, AirBIC,
    S caser screw, BicCamera Rakuten
  3. The use purpose
    "2 is the use purpose and the contents to announce about the appropriate acquisition of personal information and the use purpose" the above.
  4. Administrator of the joint use
    ※In the case of the original acquisition, Kojima or Sofmap is Kojima or Sofmap
  5. The acquisition method of personal information
    Through store, office of joint user and the Internet, the joint user companies should acquire for direct (document or WEB) or indirect (security camera, telephone, email).

5.The observance and review of guidelines that laws and ordinances about the handling, other associated laws and ordinances, countries set on personal information

BicCamera group observes guidelines that laws and ordinances about the handling, other associated laws and ordinances, countries set on personal information and we review approach in each clause mentioned above as needed to be thorough and improve individual protection of information of customer.

6.Right of the person about personal information

The person can request about private information which we hold by the following division.

Request reception desk window Contents which we can request Method of request
BicCamera. Com (member menu)

BicCamera. Com member disclosure of information, correction, addition and deletion, suspension of contents

After the login, it is possible from "change of registration contents" of "member menu".

Each each BicCamera shop BicCamera shop personal information inquiry window

BIC reward card disclosure of information, correction of contents, notice, removal of addition and deletion, the use purpose, request for stop of third party offer

We can perform using "bills such as personal information disclosure". As for the details, please see this (we have fee by some procedures.)

7.News at the time of the Internet shopping site "" use

  1. The use of cookie (Cookie)
    BicCamera. We save some information in file called cookie (Cookie) in com.
    Cookie is made in Hard Disk of customer.
    We read our site usefully and are intended to have you do shopping and do not violate privacy policy, and Cookie may not adversely affect computer of customer again. By setting of Web browser (browser), we can refuse receiving of Cookie, but, in that case, we cannot use login, shopping cart and cannot do shopping (please confirm help menus of browser more in detail.) .

    Type of cookie Purpose It is driven by offer

    The certification

    We use cookie to authenticate when customer uses site. In this way, we can offer necessary information and service to customer individually.


    Service provision

    We use cookie to offer service of this site. In this way, we realize indication of cooperation of information between pages and simple user traffic.



    We use cookie to analyze how customer uses this site. We consider by analyzing usage to be able to do service provision which stood in view of customer more.

    Sales force
    Kaizen platform


    We use cookie to offer advertisement with high association to interest of customer. We link information of web site which customer read with cookie and record and may share the information with third party service provider who is our partner.

    Oath Japan

  2. About access log information
    BicCamera. We use access log information for tendency to access, analysis of user trend, collection of wide statistical information again to watch in com whether there is not abnormal access.
  3. Input of the requirements
    Input of the requirements is arbitrary, but may not make a deal when we cannot have input.

8.Inquiry window

  • The Internet shop BicCamera. Com general guidance
    Inquiry in the Internet of the sky:
  • Inquiry window over telephone
    0570-06-7000 [pay] from 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. open throughout the year
    ※In the case of the use, please use 050-3786-7667 by international calls from IP telephone (partly), foreign countries.
  • BicCamera store
    List of Store
  • BicCamera personal information inquiry window
    Personal information protection manager general affairs's general manager
    Address: 3-23-23, Takada, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
    E-mail: [email protected], time in: The whole day acceptance open throughout the year
    Phone number 050-3786-3395, time in: From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays
  • Window of authorized personal information protection group
    We are companies targeted for Japan Information Processing Development Center which received authorization of Personal Information Protection Law Article 47 Paragraph 1.
    We accept inquiry about personal information in the following window.
    ※It is not reference about our products, service.

    Name: Japan Information Processing Development Center privacy mark promotion center personal information protection complaint counselor's office
    The location: The twelfth floor of the 1-9-9-6, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Motoki first baseman Building
    Phone number 0120-700-779, 03-5860-7565

Establishment: April 1, 2005
Revision: September 15, 2011
Revision: October 9, 2019

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