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BicCamera charter for business conduct

We will continue working for "aggregate of discerning specialty store which continues evolving which suggests richer life" to slogan in "we contact by words that we loaded with smile and true heart that BicCamera observes laws and ordinances concerned, international rule and the mind in deference to human rights based on 9 next principles and "practices customer first principles with social good sense, and to be able to feel for satisfaction and joy best carefully in the cause of management philosophy, social contribute to customer by the best service by providing", each person's customers".

1.[practice of the principle of customer first]

We consider safety and personal information, customer protection of information enough and provide socially useful products, service, and customer is satisfied and gets trust.

2.[thorough compliance]

It is transparent justly and performs free competition and appropriate business. In addition, we keep healthy and normal relations with politics, administration.

3.[fairness, timely disclosure of Corporate Information]

We perform not only stockholder but also widely social communication and disclose Corporate Information positively and justly.

4.[upbringing of healthy job]

In deference to diversity, personality, individuality of employee, we secure environment that is easy to act by security and realize a space and the richness.

5.[approach to environmental problem]

Approach to environmental problem is the human common problem and recognizes that it is existence of company and requirements that are indispensable to activity and is voluntary and acts positively.

6.[active contribution to society]

As "good corporate citizen", we work on contribution to society positively.

7.[exclusion of anti-society power]

We confront order of civil society and antisocial power to give threat safely and group determinedly.

8.[the leadership of top management]

We recognize that realization of mind of this charter is own role, and top management is thorough after setting an example in office and disseminates to group companies and business partner. In addition, we always grasp voice inside and outside the company and maintain the effective system in the company and plan thorough business ethics.

9.[including solution, penal regulations of problem]

When situation that is against this charter occurred, we clarify posture that top management oneself solves the problem inside and out and act for cause investigation, prevention of recurrence. In addition, we perform fair disposal including oneself after having made authority and responsibility clear in pursuance of exhibition and accountability of quickness to society and accurate information.

2006.7.25 establishment

BicCamera Inc.
President Hiroyuki Miyajima

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