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January, 2017

In season when atmosphere was clear

It is N village. Time goes by ... with early thing in no time in another 2017, and it became cold ... considerably.
And atmosphere was clear, and days to see the mountains of background clearly increased.
tto was to say and went to aim at Mount Fuji and train this time.
Main subject wants to look at N village including favorite pair-seat car, 7000 type and Mount Fuji.



This is cut on another day, but we photograph train in main and warm up. Compress train passing through curve by looking into the distance.

1 top that we photographed next with point that Mount Fuji looked like. We confirm in weather forecast or live Cameras beforehand and prepared when we get Yamami, Fuji today, but are impressed when we stand at iza shooting point when Mount Fuji of snow covering wonderful earlier of track is seen in large quantities.
We compress by looking into the distance here and aim at front gachini from the outside of curve. We shoot by consecutive copying of D500 with caution so that overhead wire does not seem to hang over Mount Fuji and shadow does not hang over train!
We were able to copy 7000 type LSE car of Mount Fuji back of guide.

Again moving start. To point that it gets off for a while at Shin-Matsuda Station to be jolted in train, and Mount Fuji looks like, it is movement pitter-patter in about 15-minute walk.
It was able to still already face Mount Fuji early in the afternoon on that day.
As the front of train has got dark a little, we want to challenge again at different time.

Mount Fuji and pair-seat car


The body of orange shines in blue sky! As substitution to new model seemed to be decided on this vehicle, we want to photograph from now on every season.
Taking picture of cold inside is great, but there is photograph which comes out simply because it is clear air only by winter. You warm all of you, and do you not go for shooting?
As is planning winter bus tour now, in fun!

Bic Photo Style

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List of articles
Salesperson "N village" self-introduction
Salesperson "N village" Photograph career 18 years, the photomaster first grade
Main genre: Railroad, airplane, overall vehicle, snap
Main use machine parts: Digital single-lens NIKON D2X, Pentax K10D et al.
Recent main Cameras, RICOH GR DIGITAL II anytime at all times in bag. (commuting bag is camera back of donke, too.)
As for the silversalt, NIKON F3, Leica M6 and Malus Sieboldii looks 35mmF1.4 are favorites. It is owned by majority from half size to Hassel. Not being able to write Cameras journey here, but having taken Pentax SP which father used at the age of junior high school the origin (still use carefully) of photograph. Thereafter Cameras fool lifetime when both silversalt and digital love Cameras and photograph.
Salesperson "A" self-introduction
Salesperson "A" Main genre: Snap, scenery, scene, night view of city. Almost none of the scenery things
Main use machine parts:
CANON EOS KissDigital N
Past use machine parts:
Is machine parts configuration that "single-lens reflex camera means speaking of Cameras" almost, but fill Camera Bag with some kind of single-lens reflex cameras by all means, and go to the office in company as if put behavior patterns together in it; every day. If anything, we often take photograph of beautiful night view of town in urban nocturnal one.
As for the rumor that act secretly for restoration of film and film Cameras every day for an instant.
Salesperson introduces himself/herself "hard"
Salesperson "hard" Photograph career: 14 years, the photomaster first grade
Main genre: Scenery photograph, scenery snap
Main use machine parts: Canon EOS-1D MarkIII, Canon EOS-1v, Pentax 6 X 7, RICOH GR DIGITAL, MINOLTA TC-1, Pentax Optio W60 et al.
We make breakfast bread or are thinking about whether you do shooting on the day on "film" for sense whether makes rice, or you do in "digital" carelessly.
Photograph must be fun!
Shooting is scenery photograph subject, and sunflower and white crane with a red crest shooting are lifeworks, but send days of hard fighting to positive image rearranging and the RAW developing after shooting.